Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 13th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Sunny and Pallavi stops the car seeing the cops are there. Sunny tells Pallavi this is what he told. ACP Laxmi comes there and tells Sunny and Pallavi that they can’t go there because there is a curfew. Pallavi comes out of the car and asks ACP to not to show her personal grudges here and she can’t stop a wife from meeting her husband. ACP tells that she is doing her duty only which is to stop a citizen from breaking thr rules and asks her junior officers to take both of them to station. Sunny comes out of the car and asks ACP why they are forcing them but the cops take them from there.

Raghav removes Esha’s hold from him and tells that he understands what is she saying but this isn’t the right time and asks her to sleep saying that they will talk in the morning and tries to leave the place but Esha stops him. She says to Raghav that she dont want to sleep she wants to make more memories with him so that it will be easier for her to live a life more peacefully. Raghav refuses but gives in when Esha persuades him more for the sake of their old friendship. Sunny says to Pallavi that if he gets dengue or malaria because of these mosquitoes then he wont spare her or Raghav. Pallavi asks the officers to give permission to use the landline they agree so she calls Farhad.

Esha tells Raghav that they can have a drinking marathon and talk lots of happy stories then they can go back to sleep. Raghav says that he dont want to drink but Esha challenges him so Raghav agrees. Raghav and Esha starts drinking. Pallavi talks to Keerti on the call asks about whether Farhad met commissioner yet or not. Keerti says no but he went somewhere who may help them find Raghav. She then talks to.Sunny. Pallavi prays for Raghav’s safety. Raghav says to Esha that he won after that he tells her they can go to the bed and says that he will take the couch but when he stands up he falls on the bed. Esha sees this and goes and lies beside Raghav and tells him that she dreamt about this in a lot but when she can finally able to be with him she is so happy. She then touches Raghav’s face.

Raghav opens his eyes and imagines Pallavi so he tells him that he misses her a lot and asks her to get closer to him. Esha gets shocked and says that he is with her but taking someone else’s name she wont mind because he is with her now and tells him that she loves him a lot and closes the gap holding his hand. The next day ACP comes to the station and asks for Pallavi. One of the officer says that the curfew has been lifted so Pallavi told they can’t stop her like this now and left the station. Sunny gets upset and angry and goes for Pallavi. He sees Pallavi is getting into the auto rickshaw and wonders where she is going.

Pallavi on her way to the hotel thanks Keerti for helping her. Keerti says that Farhad is the one who tracked the address where Raghav is in and asks to meet Raghav and let her know. Pallavi instructs the driver to where to go she then calls Raghav who wakes up and turns around but gets shocked seeing Esha there. He then takes all his things and scolds him for the situation he put himself in. Pallavi reaches the hotel and goes to the reception where she dont find anyone so she asks one of the worker who says that he will inform the manager and leaves. Raghav leaves the hotel without noticing Pallavi. Pallavi gets happy thinking its Raghav when she sees someone is touching her shoulder and turns around but its Sunny.

The latter scolds her for leaving him alone in the station. Raghav calls Pallavi and informs her that he is fine and now he is one his way to Hyderabad. Pallavi gets happy. Sunny mocks Pallavi but she ignores him and goes to the God’s idol and thanks god for protecting Raghav. Esha comes out of her room and gets shocked seeing Pallavi there so she hides herself from her. Sunny notices this and wonders what’s happening here. Pallavi says to.Sunny that they can leave but Sunny lies to her saying that he needs to.use washroom so asks her to wait outside. Pallavi agrees and leaves. Sunny seas Esha is going to the reception and asks where is Raghav. Sunny gets shocked and thinks who she is and why she is hiding herself from Pallavi.

Precap: Sunny asks what’s the name of the girl to the receptionist who tells that its Esha Madhavan. He then asks why both Raghav and Esha’s names are written next to each other. The receptionist tells that they shared a room together. Sunny gets shocked. Esha in her car says that Raghav can’t ignore her after whatever happened between them. Pallavi asks Raghav what happened to him why he is acting weird after he returned from Warangal. Raghav says nothing. Pallavi says to Raghav that she knows everything so asks him not to lie to her. Raghav gets shocked.

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