Kundali Bhagya 14th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Sandeep’s mother enters the room and fights with Sudeepa. Sandeep asks her to calm down. Constable also enters the room. Sandeep tells him that his mother and fiance fighting with each other to care of him that’s it. Constable asks them to not yell. Sandeep asks Sudeepa to leave saying that his mother will take care of him. His mother tells him that she brought food for him.

On the other hand, Mahesh refuses to take his medicines. Rakhi tries to convince him but she could not. Sarla enters the room and tells Mahesh that she knows that he is worried about Rishabh so he should meet Rishabh and for that the latter needs strength. He takes his medicines. She informs him and Rakhi that she met Rishabh in jail. She tells them that Rishabh is fine and he believes that he will be released soon. She asks Rakhi to not cry and everything will be fine and she is sure that Rishabh will return to home before Navratri ends.

Later, Srishti enters Arora house and gets afraid seeing Sarla. Sarla scolds her for not informing about Rishabh’s arrest. She reveals that she got to know about his arrest seeing news and asks her that why the latter didn’t inform her. Srishti tells her that she didn’t wanted to give stress to her. Sarla tells her that the latter is not trusting her. She asks her to share everything from now on. Srishti nods at her.

Meanwhile, Sherlyn tells Rakhi that she is not feeling like to do anything. Rakhi tells her that she is also feeling like that only. She says to her that they should go and meet Rishabh which shocks the latter. Karan and Preeta enters the house. Rakhi asks them that how is Rishabh. Preeta tells her that he is fine and they didn’t tell him about Mahesh’s condition. She assures her saying that he will return to home soon. Sherlyn tells her that she is ready to help her. Rakhi consoles her.

Karan asks her about Pihu. She tells him that Pihu slept but missed Preeta so much. They goes to Mahesh’s room. Mahesh asks them about Rishabh. Karan promises to him that he will get Rishabh out of jail soon. Mahesh reminds Preeta about her promise and asks her to keep it. Karan tells Rakhi to get some rest. She cries hugging him. Preeta leaves the room and asks God to show path to prove Rishabh’s innocence. She tells God that she is not able to see her family like this and asks God to give strength to her. She realises something and thanks God.

She goes to Karan and asks him that did he heard any noise when Rishabh was talking to him. He tells her that he didn’t hear anything. She tells him that Sandeep would have screamed for help if accident really happened then. She informs him that Sandeep lying to get revenge from Rishabh. She says to him that she will talk to Sandeep’s Doctor to expose Sandeep.

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