Tera Mera Saath Rahe 13th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Mithila sees Saksham is in the living room so she goes to him and sits beside him. Saksham asks Mithila what is she doing here at this late night. Mithila says that when she without realizing the time she can make a mistake then why she has to think about the time when she wants to apologise. Saksham asks Mithila for what reason she wants to apologise to him. Mithila says that she ruined his life by forcing him to marry Gopika. Saksham says its not her mistake it’s all Gopika’s who lied to her about everything.

Gopika hears everything from the far and gets hurt. Mithila says to Saksham that she is ashamed of herself for ruining his life like that. She thought Gopika is a diamond and ignored all the signs that wanted to tell her that Gopika isn’t a diamond but a stone because of that now Saksham has to suffer like this. She then tells Saksham that she wanted a best for him. She wanted a daughter in law who she wants to be there for him and when he does wrong things she needs to make him realise his mistake and bring him to the right path.

Today she failed as a mother. She also tells that she ruined her son’s life who without questioning any one of her decision simply obliges. Saksham says to Mithila that its not her mistake. Keshav comes there and tells it’s all Mithila’s mistake only if she hadn’t searched her daughter in law with the footwear then it wouldn’t have happened today. He also says that tomorrow is a big day there is an important client who is coming here to meet them with a business proposal. He wanted to impress them with the help of Saksham bur everything ruined because of Mithila now he don’t know what to do. He further asks Mithila if Saksham is her own son will she do the same what she did to Saksham’s life hence its proved that she is not his real mother. Mithila gets hurt. Saksham gets angry and asks Keshav to not to say anything against his mother.

Gopika comes there and says to Keshav that it’s not Mithila’s mistake that she become a daughter in law of this house. She also tells that she do know Mithila Mithila didn’t give birth to Saksham but mother is a mother right and a mother will never thinks to ruin her son’s life. Mithila asks Gopika to stop it and says because of her these talks only she become a fool she dont want to fall into this crap again. She also says to Gopika that now she is an outsider so she has to stay away from her family matters and asks to leave the place. Gopika leaves the place.

Mithila asks Keshav to invite the Japanese business client to the house and tells that Saksham will impress them with his talent and they will give him the project. She also says that even she wants to see who is going to question her son just because someone lied and betrayed him like this and leaves the place. Ashi comes to the room and tells Chirag after talking to her mother she is feeling better. She then asks Chirag to take the couch and she will sleep in the bed and gives him his pillows. Chirag gets shocked but didn’t say anything and goes to the couch to sleep. Ashi lies on the bed facing the other side.

Thejal cries and asks Hiten to leave the place saying she wants to be here alone but Hiten gives her a wooden stick and asks her to break the glasses of VJ’s car. Thejal breaks VJ’s car and feels good. The next day Gopika recalls Mithila asking her to light up the Diya on her first day so she lights up a match stick. Mithila comes there and stops Gopika then calls Ashi and asks her to light up the Diya saying Minal wants to give her a chance so she is still the daughter in law of the house and she has to fulfill the responsibilities. Ashi nods her head and goes and lights up the diya. Gopika gets hurt but prays to God.

Mithila says that anyone can come here to pray to God but only family members has the rights to light up the diya so asks Gopika to stay away from that. She then goes and marks Novermeber 4 in the calendar and tells afater diwali she has to leave the house and then leaves the place. Baa comes there. Gopika says to Baa that because of her Mithila is upset. Baa tells Gopika that once Mithila adviced her that we often think about what we can’t do more than what we can so everyone else also thinks the same which is wrong because instead focusing and choosing on their strengths they are choosing their weakness. She also tells that she doesn’t know how long Mithila will remain angry at Gopika but soon everything will alright so asks to not to never lose a hope.

Gopika nods okay and smiles at Baa. VJ gets shocked seeing his cars state so he decides to teach a lesson. The next day Mithila scolds the worker for not doing their job properly. Gopika comes there and asks the worker what is special today but everyone says that they are too busy. She then asks Minal did she want any help. Mithila comes there and asks Minal what’s happening. She then asks Gopika to go to her room saying she is an outsider and they don’t take help from a outsider she also tells if she wants to know who is coming to the house then she has to learn it on her own and asks her to read what is return in the board. Gopika spells each letter.

Thejal insults her so Minal scolds and takes her away from there. Mithila asks Gopika to not to interfere in this and leaves the place. Baa asks Gopika to not to take Mithila’s words to heart she is angry that’s why she is behaving like this. She then tells her that if everything goes well today then Saksham will become the CEO of the company. Hearing this Ashi asks Chirag to impress the businessmen but Chirag ignores it. Gopika prays to God to help Saksham win everyone’s heart and make him the CEO of the company.


Mithila drags Gopika to the room and tears her photo and asks Gopika tonrenove her photo from everywhere this is the help she wants from her. Gopika looks at the photo while holding a scissor in her hand. Ashi comes and tells Gopika that she wants to ask her something but Gopika tells even she wants to ask her something and asks her all these confusion and misunderstanding happened because of the messages why she didnt told this. Ashi gets shocked.

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