Spy Bahu 24th June 2022 Written Update:

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The episode begins with Yohan telling Sejal that Bamba is eating so all may be great at her home and requests that she chill. Sejal acquaints Bamba with Arun and he welcomes her yet Arun doesn’t answer back. Bamba tells does he additionally hears high like our grandma? Sejal advises Bamba to act and Arun is occupied at this point. Bamba tells he isn’t occupied he is overlooking me by playing treats sugar game like grandma.

Arun tells I am not pointless like your grandma, and for what reason is this youngster contrasting me with her I am not old yet. Yohan tells Krish not much time is left and Krish jokes it’s only multi month. Arun leaves inside. Bamba inquires as to whether he did anything wrong? Yohan tells Bamba that Arun has never chatted with a charming youngster like him so he doesn’t have any idea how to talk.

Drishti and Avishek get back from the capability and everybody salutes them. Arun tells congrats isn’t sufficient so he needs to give him something near his heart. Arun gifts Avishek his most memorable costly watch procured by his hardwork. Arun apologizes to Drishti for not perceiving Avishek from the start. Avishek says thanks to Arun and Arun makes him wear the watch however it is going to fall and Sejal saves it. Sejal watches in shock the imprint on Avishek’s hand as Arun makes him wear the watch. Sejal acknowledges Avishek is her sibling Farid and reviews the minutes when the fact of the matter was before her eyes yet she didn’t understand it.

Sejal met Avishek outside the mystery room,in the inn and him not killing the young lady on hearing Mahira’s name. Sejal goes out in shock and ponders Avishek shooting Yohan and attempting to kill them. Yohan gets stressed for Sejal and searches for her. Bamba tells Yohan that Sejal may be miserable on the grounds that tomorrow is her birthday and nobody here knows that. Yohan that how might it be a happenstance that tomorrow it is Mahira’s birthday as well.

Minal tells Saras she hurt her little girl so much yet presently she will welcome satisfaction all over. Bamba tells Yohan we cut cake at 12 PM for Sejal consistently and even today mummy and father will come here to amaze her. Yohan tells Bamba not to stress he will bring Sejal back. Sejal comes to Majar and supplicates. Sejal tells she generally needed to track down her sibling and left everybody for him yet we were leaving under a similar rooftop.

Sejal figures the reason why did her sibling happen along these lines. Sejal thinks our folks kicked the bucket battling the fear mongers to safeguard this country and you became one of them,even in the wake of wearing police uniform he is accomplishing antinational work. Yohan takes a stab at calling Sejal and searches for her. Yohan stops at the Majar and came there to ask with Mahira. Sejal thinks Farid even attempted to kill Drishti and what will she go through when she understands reality. Sejal petitions invigorate her save Drishti and Yohan and she should battle her blood to save her significant other.

Yohan comes inside and supplicates that everytime he came here just to petition God for Mahira and her prosperity yet today all he needs is for Sejal to be protected. Sejal tells she will be Yohan’s safeguard and safeguard him. Yohan believes assuming Sejal will likewise leave him like Mahira did. Sejal tells now she needs to battle like a champion and finish the insidiousness and petitions God for strength. Yohan believes assuming that he ought to allow his marriage one more opportunity and attempt to acknowledge Sejal? Sejal finds missed calls from Yohan and texts him she is alright. Yohan peruses the text and recollects Bamba informing him regarding Sejal’s birthday. The episode closes with Yohan thinking he has just 30minutes before Sejal’s birthday.

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