Spy Bahu 23rd June 2022 Written Update:

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The episode begins with SK calling Sejal and telling did she eliminate camera from Yohan’s room? Sejal tells she eliminated it in the wake of getting back from Mumbai as she would rather not meddle in his own life as he isn’t a psychological oppressor. SK advises he saw her video and is prepared to give advantage of uncertainty to Yohan. Tanhaji tells Sejal now she can take off from that house today itself. Sejal thinks she was hanging tight during the current day however today she is unsettled in any way. SK tells Sejal now every individual from Nanda house is under uncertainty so she can’t take off from the house.

SK tells Shah was going to take somebody’s name and fear mongers are connected to Nanda house so we need to find somebody connected to the two of them. Yohan saves Sejal from falling in the pool. Yohan tells there was a period we loathed one another and afterward we upheld one another and presently we are saving each other like we are doing it for us you actually need to leave following a half year? Sejal tells no and Yohan gazes at her. Sejal tells it isn’t required that what we need is in every case right. Avishek eliminates the brakes of Yohan’s vehicle.

Yohan tells so let us make our relationship which is above good and bad where we simply support one another and requests that Sejal be his companion so that regardless of whether she leaves following a half year we can be companions. Sejal and Yohan shake hands. Sejal’s hiccup begins and Yohan jokes perhaps her hiccups have crush on him so it passes on no possibility to come infront of him. Avishek tells we needed to kill valuable individual like Shah and Yohan and Sejal will pay for it by kicking the bucket tomorrow.

Avishek’s tells Sirji Yohan and Sejal won’t leave for grant function yet ever arrive at there as he eliminated their vehicle’s brake. Sejal asks in morning with her harmed hand and the aarti thali is going to fall however Yohan holds it and they supplicate together. Drishti and Veera get profound watching Yohan supplicate with Sejal.

Drishti tells this is a similar individual who told he could never enter sanctuary. Veera tells today Yohan is appealing to God interestingly after Aarti didi’s demise and it is conceivable simply because of Sejal. Yohan gives Aarti to the relatives upon Sejal’s demanding. Drishti welcomes Yohan and Sejal to Avishek’s valiance grant capability. Sejal has a go at joining her hairs with one hand yet harms herself. Yohan advises Sejal to allow him to brush her hair and on the off chance that it doesn’t torment she should adulate him.

Sejal tells and assuming it torments even once he should call her by her right name. Yohan brushes Sejal’s hair and Sejal gazes at him. Yohan tells Sejal she can gaze at him however much she needs as he is her better half for the following a half year. Sejal tells she was simply looking how could he know to brush hairs. Yohan tells he needed to learn it after his mom died for Drishti. Yohan helps Sejal to remember the test and advises her to start adulating him.

Sejal begins commending him in Gujrati and everything flies right past Yohan and takes off from that point. Avishek leaves for the capability with Shera and Drishti and advises Drishti to inquire as to whether Yohan has left? Sejal tells Drishti they are going to sit in vehicle. Avishek thinks soon he will get the fresh insight about Yohan and Sejal’s demise. Yohan is going to begin the vehicle however finds Bamba remaining before them. Sejal asks Bamba where could mummy and dad be? Yohan tells did he take off again like last time? Bamba tells mummy has sent thepla and khakra for her yet he can’t see her where they are.

Saras and Minal are concealing in mask outside the house. Yohan tells now we can’t let Bamba be so I will tell Drishti we can’t come. Avishek gets disappointed on realizing that they are saved once more. Bamba asks Yohan how did Sejal get injured? Yohan tells he will take care that will not repeat, atleast never till she is with him. Sejal has a go at calling her dad yet he doesn’t get. The episode closes with Sejal thinking all is great at her home.

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