Sirf Tum 23rd June 2022 Written Update:

Sirf Tum 23rd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Kamini saying the gems ought to be more costly as it didn’t satisfy the guideline of Oberois. Suhani says one priority the unadulterated aims behind these gifts not the expense. Kamini says she is agreeing with her parents in law’s stance. Kamini prods Nikita saying she ought to gain something from Suhani.

Suhani says she needs to nod off and Sudha answers tomorrow will be an extremely chaotic day for her. Prior to leaving Sudha prods Suhani saying she ought to advise Ranveer to pass on time as it’s not right to remain conscious for well before wedding night.

Suhani finds Ranveer behind her and Ranveer says he thought she is missing him. She says Roshni told them not to meet each other prior to wedding night. He ought to trust in such traditions. He answers he thinks not. He says he enriched the mandap himself, for their wedding so he was unable to apply mehendi on his hand.

Ranveer requests that Suhani think of her name on his hand. She does so and he finds his name on her mehendi effectively which charms her. He adds his mind works quicker in her matters. She says this wedding seems like dream to her. He says the two of them will take pheras tomorrow and she will be his legitimately married spouse so he is meeting Suhani for the last time this evening. He makes her wear the chunri and they share a second.

Vikrant converses with somebody over telephone inquiring as to whether everything is set by his arrangement. Mamta brings turmeric milk for Vikrant and gives him medication. He says he previously took it and for what reason does she need to lessen his aggravation when she just put salt in his injury. She says she upheld Ranveer doesn’t mean she walked out on him. He says she picked Suhani for Ranveer and tossed out Asha in spite of his refusal. Presently she is showing counterfeit worry to him. He says her delight will be transitory.

Ansh applies mehendi on Asha’s hand and gets glad to see her grinning face. He says after quite a while they are cheerful. The two of them dance and commend the occasion. Following day Nikita prepares Suhani for her wedding. Suhani looks delightful in a white lehenga. She comes ground floor and her family praises her look.

Rakesh says he attempted to satisfy her fantasies and did how he could help her and in the event that there’s anything left, he is sorry for that. She asks him to avoid that and embraces him inwardly. Ranveer likewise comes to his family wearing a white sherwani and he looks attractive. Dadu gets some information about Vikrant and Vikram says he will reach mandap straightforwardly after some time.

Suhani’s family welcomes Ranveer’s family and every one of them get inside the feast. Ranveer makes faces at Suhani and she feels modest. He holds her hand and she wavers. Everybody gets stunned on finding three mandaps in the setting. Ranveer calls Raghu and John and questions them why there are three mandaps when he improved one mandap just last evening.

Raghu says he is likewise confounded as they cross actually look at everything. Ranveer calls the administrator of the meal and asks him what is this. Supervisor answers why Ranveer is shocked as they organized everything according to the directions that have been given to them. Ranveer asks who advised him to embellish three mandaps. Vikrant shows up and Manager focuses at him. Asha and Ansh additionally enter the setting and dance cheerfully.

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