Mere Sai 23rd June 2022 Written Update:

Mere Sai 23rd June 2022 Written Update on

Undrya attached to a log a scorpio gets in and hops on Undrya. Undrya gets scared.Gauri on method for working tells her better half, she is stressed for Undrya she will go check. He chides her and says let get to work.

Scorpio leaves, Sai opens his potli and grins, he loosens a bunch and Undrya is free, and exceptionally blissful. Sai says Charuhas won’t you come to meet me.

Balvant gives worker for hire cash and immediately finish plant work. That’s what kulkarni sees. Tejasvi strolls to Keshav and says there is plant development in town, you have type go ask Balvant Kaka for work. Keshav says I have my work. Tejasvi says go work with Kaka and learn something.
Kulkarni shares with Santa Banta soon, he will demolish Balvant’s standing.

Tejasvi tells Keshav, I returned to Shirdi as a result of you, yet I need respect and your work will give me that. Keshav says OK however I will ask Sai before that. Tejasvi says you are dependably about Sai, recall one thing you need to work with Kaka for myself as well as Prahlad’s future.

Undrya at Sai’s eating ladoos he sees Sai working and asks what is it. Sai says Charuhas this is the thing you were searching for. Undrya asks how will I manage it, Sai says do what your brain says.

Undrya picks sticks and starts making something. Keshav strolls to Sai and welcomes Sai and says I need to let you know something however and considers Tejasvi.

Sai says Keshav take a gander at Charuhas, he doesn’t have the foggiest idea what he is doing yet he enjoys so he is doing it genuineness and no work is large or little, the work that brings you bliss will bring success.Undrya shows Sai a mat he made. Sai says excellent I will give you a few additional sticks. Sai asks Keshav did he track down his response. Keshav says OK Sai.

Gauri and her significant other arrive at home and see Undrya free and playing and asks him where did he go and how could he be free and attempts to hurt him. Undrya pushes him and starts running to a great extent and makes wreck.

His dad gets him, locals chasten Undrya and his dad and say they are hanging around for difficult work and due to Charuhas there work is in harm’s way. Gauri implores them to allow them to remain, he tired to save your children from snake. Satya says OK we planned to take ball, he should be attempting to save us. Locals give cautioning to Charuhas and leave.

Hariya culling mangoes. Chetan and others stop him and inquire as to for what reason was he taking, Harya takes off. Chetan says lets return to nursery worker. Sai strolls to them and says Chetan you are taking, this is off-base. Chetan attempts to make sense of.

Sai says Hariya isn’t anywhere near and you are here with mangoes. Chetan says trust us. Sai says so do you concur anything you see may not be reality. Chetan says OK. Sai says then how should you not trust Satya yesterday. Chetan asks how might we gain proficiency with reality. Sai expresses quiet down first and be receptive and you will see reality.

Locals examine about the assault and how terrified they are. After pooja, residents demand Malchapati to permit them return home right on time before dull in light of the fact that they are frightened.
Everybody in town return home before dim.

Sai sees the town unfilled.
A man with long hair and tail goes into Patil’s home and takes gold. He goes after Baji and leaves. Patil and Tatya follow theif, Bhiva and others hear the clamor and follow. Bhiva prevents Tatya from going close basti and says we will see that later in light.

Baizmaa asks everybody did they track down anybody. Bhiva says no however say thanks to God Baji is fine. Residents again fault Undrya saying the theif ran towards basti close to Undrya’s home, so it should be him. Patil stops them and says no accusing before we track down evidences. Kulkarni strolls to them and says today it was simply adornments and soon it will be most awful. Patil asks how do you have at least some idea what occurred here

Precap :Kulkarni gets Undrya caught and attempts to hit me. Sai strolls in and stops them.

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