Radha Mohan 23rd June 2022 Written Update:

Radha Mohan 23rd June 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode starts with Damini tells Kaveri that Tulsi’s soul went into the house. Kaveri tells her that Tulsi’s soul won’t leave them and gets terrified. Tulsi’s soul says that she won’t leave Kaveri for thrashing Gungun. Radha lets Mohan know that she can’t remain here. Gungun argues her to not leave. She says that Tulsi left now what the last option will likewise leave her. Radha embraces her. Mohan requests that Radha and Gungun go to their room and get some rest. Radha lets him know that she need to get back to her town. He tells her that he will whip her on the off chance that she discussed returning. She gestures at him. Vishwanath requests that she deal with herself. Gungun takes Radha to her room.

Damini calls Guru maa yet no reaction from opposite side. She lets Kaveri know that she needs to finish her fasting then nobody can stop her and Mohan’s marriage. They goes inside the house. Damini lets Mohan know that they need to perform puja. Mohan reviews that how Damini slapped Radha and embarrassed her. He disregards her and goes to his room. Damini requests that Kaveri stay with other relatives then Tulsi’s soul won’t have the option to do anything. She adds that she will deal with Tulsi’s soul in the wake of finishing her fasting. Tulsi’s soul says that she won’t allow Damini to finish her fasting.

Kadambari tells Mohan that Damini acted that way with Radha on the grounds that Damini loves this family to such an extent. She advises him that Damini continued to quick for him. She requests that he excuse Damini and break her fasting. She adds that she is pleased with him that he prevented her from doing a transgression today. In the mean time, Radha reviews that how everybody charged her and embarrassed her. She cries embracing Gungun.

Everybody prepares for puja. Kaveri says that Damini seeming to be another lady. Damini says that she will feel awful on the off chance that Mohan doesn’t come to break her fasting then, at that point. Kadambari tells her that Mohan will come without a doubt. Mohan comes there. Damini grins seeing him. She performs puja. Tulsi’s soul doesn’t allow Mohan to break Damini’s fasting. Damini goes to her room. Kaveri follows her. Tulsi’s soul locks the entryway and slaps Damini. She slaps Kaveri as well. She whips them. That’s what damini says on the off chance that Tulsi’s soul thrashes them, she will accuse Gungun. Tulsi’s soul says that Gungun has Radha so nobody will trust Damini. She whips them.

Gungun requests that Radha quit crying. She admonishes her for going to toss the trash into the dustbin. Mohan comes there with food and requests that Radha have it. Yet, Radha won’t eat. Gungun lets Mohan know that on the off chance that the last option caused Radha to eat then she won’t inconvenience anybody for a day and leaves the room. Mohan lets Radha know that he realizes that she is feeling awful however she ought to have food. He adds that she is looking feeble as well. She lets him know that she is fine. He takes care of her strongly. Tulsi’s soul says that Mohan broke Radha’s fasting unconsciously and grins.

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