Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 23rd June 2022 Written Update:

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 23rd June 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode begins with Gautama and Dwarka having an entertaining contention. They snicker. Gautama requests that Rakma call Ahilya. Rakma says Ahilya won’t come, she is running a darbar in her room since morning.

Ahilya keeps a proposition to get regulations against abusive behavior at home. She says numerous ladies abusive behavior at home, savagery is a culpable offense, I need your agree to instate this regulation, this will give equity to the ladies.

Gunu ji says we shouldn’t meddle in the Praja’s own issues, how might we clear up a spouse how for act with his better half. She says OK, however we can make sense of individuals. Gangoba says regulation can’t be made, we can help them on the off chance that any grumble comes, a ruler shouldn’t meddle in the family matters.

She inquires as to whether the house isn’t protected, then how might we get the gripes, the ladies can’t utter a word since they get fastened by the relations, similar to Krishna. Gunu ji says Krishna had an opportunity yet said nothing.

Khanderao says somebody can abuse this regulation by lying moreover. Ahilya says even a spouse can lie by dread. He says how might you conclude who is lying, how on earth could you be 100% certain, I comprehend your goals, this regulation can make more issues, its not right to instate the law for Krishna, we have no verification against Shantaram.

She requests that they trust her. She says I m sure, Shantaram will be the primary guilty party that gets found out by this regulation. Gomti asks Krishna is she is feeling feeble. Krishna says I need to keep this quick. Gomti asks her for what reason are you keeping this quick. Ahilya and the sovereigns are likewise there for the puja.

Ahilya says its Parvati’s most memorable quick, she ought to have the right of the first puja. She requests that Parvati come and do the puja first. Parvati grins and does the puja, trailed by Ahilya and others. Ahilya meets the town ladies.

Krishna feels feeble and swoons down. Gomti yells. Ahilya turns and sees Krishna. Ahilya goes to help. She sprinkles water. Krishna gets up. She says I can’t hydrate, I have a quick. Ahilya says your wellbeing is demon. Gomti says she ate nothing since night. Woman says it’s a spouse’s obligation to quick for her better half.

Ahilya says her significant other isn’t dealing with her. Gunu ji says this standard will acquire tumult the general public. Ahilya converses with the women. She says fasting isn’t required in the event that your wellbeing doesn’t uphold, I m pregnant, so I didn’t keep the quick, Krishna is sick. She asks Krishna not to fall feeble, keep herself alive for her girl. She requests that she have water.

Gomti requests that Krishna drink. Krishna hydrates. The woman says on the off chance that her significant other knows this, don’t have the foggiest idea what will occur. Tukoji says I propose we ought to take assessment of others. Gunu ji says its better you remain silent in this, Khanderao and I will talk about and choose. Khanderao inquires as to for what reason are you conversing with Tukoji like this.

Tukoji says I don’t reserve the privilege to choose, however I reserve an option to offer perspective, I stress for Khanderao. He leaves. Krishna returns home. Shantaram is drinking with his companions. He sends his companions away. He harms Krishna. He chastens her for breaking the quick. Gomti says don’t beat mum, she is sick.

He pushes her down. Krishna reviews Ahilya’s words. Shantaram says nothing happened to her, see what I do now. Ahilya comes and requests that he stop not too far off. He stresses seeing her. Gomti embraces Ahilya. Ahilya flies off the handle. Krishna says you were correct, this man is a villain, save us from him.

Precap :The woman says Krishna got her better half captured, she picked a way to damnation. Ahilya requests that the women keep themselves in Krishna’s place. She says I m remaining by her.

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