Anupama 23rd June 2022 Written Update:

Anupama 23rd June 2022 Written Update on

In the present episode, Anuj tells Anupama that he could do without assuming Leela or Vanraj raises their voice on her. He requests that she avoid Shah family for certain days. Anuj says he have some control over his indignation to a point else what he will do next he personally is confused. Anupama says Kinjal is pregnant and she can’t avoid the family. She adds she will deal with Vanraj. Anuj questions if from recent years, she had the option to deal with Vanraj? Barkha and Adhik sneers seeing Anuj and Anupama battle.

Pakhi tells Vanraj that he is charging her as though she realize that Kinjal will meet with a mishap at Anupama’s place. Vanraj rectifies Pakhi for her misconduct. Leela asks the matter and gets stunned finding out about the disaster occurred with Kinjal. Pakhi tells Vanraj that meeting Anupama’s place is on the right track. Vanraj asks Pakhi not contend with him. Pakhi leaves the spot. Vanraj tells Hasmuk that his youngsters are embarrassed to accompany him now. Kavya, Samar, Hasmuk and others stands close to home.

Anupama and Anuj contend with one another. Anuj says that whatever happened was a mishap by Vanraj blamed her for no great explanation. Anupama tells Anuj that her youngsters are an ideal justification behind her to bear Vanraj. Anuj requests that Anupama quit protecting Vanraj. Anupama and Anuj contend with one another. Anuj shares with Anupama that he can’t see her being blameworthy for no great explanation. He adds if at any time anything happen to him, he doesn’t maintain that she should ask sorry before anybody. Anuj requests that Anupama move away from Shah’s for some of the time. Anupama says she can’t avoid her youngsters. Vanraj says he generally thought there is something among him and Anupama yet he was off-base.

Barkha benefit what is happening and causes Anupama to comprehend that in view of Shah’s she is overlooking Anuj. She adds like she stresses for Shah’s, even she has a privilege to support Anuj. Anuj think Anupama is great and thinks everybody is like her. He stresses figuring he can’t see Anupama feeble before anybody.

Anupama review Barkha’s assertion and cries. Ankush brings up that Barkha was adding fuel in the fire. Barkha protects herself. Sara side Ankush and contends with Barkha for affecting the battle. Barkha says Vanraj generally cause a situation. Sara says since they give him reason. Barkha asks Sara not to stress as battles bring couple nearer. Sara asks than for what good reason Ankush and she is consistently in constant conflict and no indication of adoration. She leaves the spot.

Anuj and Anupama apologize to one another. Kavya console Pakhi and choose to chat with one another later. Anuj and Anupama fix up. Both embrace one another. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Barkha asks Anupama not to stress several continues to battle. Anupama says she don’t permit individuals to help what is going on. She staggers Barkha by telling GK checked the record and something isn’t right with the sum she contributed for inside planning.

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