Apnapan 23rd June 2022 Written Update:

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Episode starts with Barkha getting cash and letter from Nick saying Pallavi won’t allow me to do anything for your marriage so I am sending you cash. Barkha and Nani conceal it. Gagan asks what are they concealing all of a sudden Pallavi comes. So they redirect the point. Pallavi requests that Barkha pick anybody among her and Nick. Barkha gets close to home.

Here, Pallavi is preparing nourishment for a party where Badal is helping her when Pallavi says my little girl loves dahi vada. Badal says Barkha could do without it. Pallavi gets helped to remember Mana. Mana is in a similar party and appreciates dahi vada. Mana illuminates Nick about being in a party. Scratch says how might you go to some place obscure. Mana says don’t stress father, it’s all alright atleast I am letting you know not at all like you who concealed his marriage from me. Shanky requests that Nick quiet down. Scratch is incensed and arrives at the spot.

Gagan is with a young lady and persuades her to door drop in on the party as his mother is catering and is occupied. They get into a battle truly when Nick comes and slaps him. Scratch says is this what your folks educated you? Gagan says on the off chance that father would have been there, na. Scratch looks on. Scratch goes inside the party and everybody remembers him.

Pallavi misses to see him. Scratch searches for Mana. At last he sees Mana drinking and goes to her. Scratch says Mana we should leave. Mana says for what reason would you say you are really focusing on me like a father? Is it due to your marriage? How about we meet your sweetheart. Scratch says who let you know this? It’s all hogwash, I am not getting hitched. Nandita likewise comes here and questions Nick. Mana acts mischievously with Nick. Scratch hauls her with him. Mana leaves to get more beverages. Pallavi surges and takes care of business when she sees a wine bottle break and it’s Mana. Mana shares how nobody really focuses on me. Mana gets huet and Pallavi helps her.

Mana inquires as to why guardians carry us to the world? Mana shares her concern of her dad. Pallavi gives water to Mana. Mana says I need wine. Pallavi says drink this, assuming you were my little girl I would have slapped you. Mana hydrates. Mana feels an association with Pallavi. Pallavi watches Mana appreciate dahi vada. Scratch appreciates Dahi Vada and recalls his minutes with Pallavi. They get heartfelt in past. Scratch escapes his fantasies.

The host presents Pallavi as the culinary expert of the occasion. Nandita sees her and Pallavi gets stunned. The host shows Nandita as her closest companion. Nandita insults Pallavi while she gets shocked seeing Nick. Scratch goes to them. Nandita makes Nick and Pallavi meet one another. Pallavi is going to go when Nandita says you ought to take a tip. Nandita gives a dollar and causes her to understand its worth. Scratch attempts to stop her yet Nandita doesnt. Pallavi calls Shambu and says he helped me so this tip goes to her. Pallavi leaves.

Scratch blows up with Nandita to cause a ruckus. They go to track down Mana. In another party, Gagan acquaints himself with everybody as Nick’s child. A young lady thinks he is lying so she declares in the party about it. Gagan misrepresents about his articles of clothing. The young lady insults Gagan. Mana comes and hears this. Mana flies off the handle and says you are a liar. Mana says your mother is getting hitched to my father? Mana goes.

Gagan follows her. Scratch watches Pallavi in kitchen. Scratch goes to her. Scratch expressions of remorse for the benefit of Nandita. Pallavi shares how he thoroughly took care of an explanation and it was so embarrassing for me, Nandita did it infront of everybody, for what reason did you enter my life? Scratch says you can never emerge from past. Scratch hears Mana and goes out. Mana shares with Nandita that Nick has a child as well. Scratch attempts to stop her however Mana says you are doing a show. Pallavi comes and Gagan calls her mother. Scratch says mother? Mana says you are his mother?

Welcome to our family, I am Nick’s girl. Pallavi gets profound. Mana calls her the fancy woman. Scratch attempts to stop her. Pallavi says you are taking everything wrong. Mana says so let me know everything, who are you? Pallavi yells at her so Mana says how could you do such a thing. Pallavi says I am your mom.

Precap – Nandita calls Pallavi narrow minded. Mana comes to Pallavi and attempts to invest energy with her.

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