Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd June 2022 Written Update:

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Ishan calling Pakhi and inquiring as to whether Agastya enlightened her concerning opening another ward for the children in the medical clinic and giving them counterfeit legs. Pakhi is shocked that Agastya willfully needed to work with Ishan. The last option expresses that there will be a public interview for a similar the following day and he is grateful to Agastya. Ishan says that Agastya was upset when he met him and inquires as to whether all was well.

Pakhi says that Agastya probably upset because of his work. Ishan says to give meet access the public interview. She says that she will attempt to come and detaches the call. Pakhi is befuddled that one side Agastya is following Ishan opposite side he assists him with becoming free. Agastya comes to his room and searches for his charger. Pakhi gives it to him. Agastya says thanks to her. Agastya strolls taking the water container. He trips and is going to fall over Pakhi. She holds him.

The water pours on Pakhi and Agastya. Agastya searches for the towel to clear off the water. Pakhi comes to Agastya and cleans the water utilizing her saree pallu. She leaves. Opposite side Ishan cuts Agastya’s photograph independently and destroys it. He says that he hangs tight for the following day.

The morning Agastya and Dadi invite Ishan. The last option requests Pakhi. They say that she should be coming. All of a sudden Pakhi shows up. Ishan says thanks to her for coming. Ishan says to let start the gathering. Agastya concurs. All at once a few officials accompany a capture warrant for Ishan. The last option acts and asks what he did.

The official says that he did fake in the development of the new ward in his medical clinic. Ishan denies the charge. Pakhi inquires as to whether they have any confirmation. The official shares with Agastya that he needs to talk alone and solicitations to fall apart. Agastya obliges. The official says thanks to Agastya for sending a mail and giving tip about Ishan. He guarantees to not uncover his name as he referenced via the post office.

Agastya sees that Pakhi heard this. He explains to Pakhi he didn’t make it happen. Pakhi won’t pay attention to his any avocation. The official captures Ishan. Ishan feels that he is going to this difficulty to isolate Agastya from Pakhi, however Agastya needs to go a lot more such difficulties. He leaves with the officials.

Pakhi attempts to make sense of the official that Ishan is guiltless. Agastya comes there and asks what verification they have that he sent the mail. The official shows Agastya’s mail that was sent from his mail ID with its advanced sign. Agastya shows his emergency clinic accounts record and says that he didn’t do any false. He tells Pakhi that he didn’t send the mail, somebody is attempting to make misconception between them.

Agastya says that they said that he griped against Ishan, he is taking his objection back. The official says to bring Ishan. Pakhi attempts to converse with Ishan. Ishan leaves subsequent to scowling at Pakhi and Agastya. Pakhi pursues Ishan and attempts to converse with him. Ishan attacks her. He says that Agastya can never show signs of change. He says that it would be better assuming Agastya killed him. He leaves. Agastya gets down on Pakhi. He mentioned her to allow him an opportunity to demonstrate he didn’t make it happen.

Pakhi yells that she allowed him numerous opportunity and believed him overlooking all’s cautioning. She says that he can never show signs of change. She says that she doesn’t have any longer power to accompany him. She starts to walk. Her saree stalls out in Agastya’s watch. Pakhi attempts to eliminate it. Agastya holds Pakhi’s hand. He implores her getting on his knee. Pakhi leaves. She feels lightheaded and blacks out. Agastya yells Pakhi and hurries to her.

Agastya carries Pakhi to her folks house. Sameer asks Agastya how he managed his girl and contends with him. Agastya says that he sat idle, Pakhi blacked out while strolling. Specialist shows up and actually takes a look at Pakhi.

Specialist says that she probably blacked out because of stress. He took her blood tests, he will send her blood report soon. Agastya converses with an oblivious Pakhi and guarantees that he find soon the individual who is attempting to make misconception between them. Pakhi acquires her awareness and gets frightened on seeing Agastya.

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