Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 22nd June 2022 Written Update:

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 22nd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Agastya promising Pakhi to never allow grin to disappear. Pakhi tells Agastya I love you. They have a heartfelt dance. Ishan takes a gander at them irately and feels that it’s the ideal opportunity for the impact. They share a warm embrace. Ishan begins count back from five. Agastya makes Pakhi sit. A man enters. The director stops him. The man says that he needs to direly give thses photographs to Agastya. Agastya tells the chief to give him access.

The man shares with Agastya that he got the photographs he requested to create and asks his cash. Agastya got photographs of Pakhi with Ishan and says that he deny it. He asks the one who has sent him and takes steps to call police. The man says that Agastya came to his shop earlier day. Pakhi says to show the photographs to clear the disarray. The man says that these are her photographs which shocks Pakhi. Agastya believes that Pakhi can question him again in the wake of seeing the photographs. So he keeps Pakhi from seeing the photographs. He requests that the director take him out.

The chief attempts to take him from that point. He drops the photographs. Pakhi gets stunned on seeing the photographs of herself and Ishan. Agastya shares with Pakhi that he didn’t clicked these photographs, he doesn’t have the foggiest idea about this man. He requests that the man say reality. The man says that Agastya requested that he click these photographs. Agastya attempts to make sense of that he didn’t do this, somebody is attempting to make misconception between them. Pakhi destroys the photographs and indignantly leaves.

Agastya attempts to make sense of Pakhi that he is honest. Pakhi pushes him out and shuts the entryway. She cries plunking down while Agastya is cries sitting outside. The following morning Dadi is stunned finding Agastya resting on the floor before his room. She awakens Agastya and inquires as to why he is dozing here, what occurred. She takes him with her.

Pakhi awakens. She cries and asks how she can be tricked by Agastya once more. She says that Agastya probably put that secret camera. She questions that there could be a few additional secret cameras in the room. She checks wherever utilizing the camera indicator. She outings and tumbles down. She cries inquiring as to why it’s occurring with her.

Agastya shares with Dadi that Pakhi will feel that he is following her in the future. All at once Pakhi comes. Dadi demands Pakhi to trust Agastya. She says that somebody is attempting to isolate them. Pakhi says that she is going to her parent’s home and will return before sun-down. Agastya demands her to pay attention to him prior to leaving. Yet, Pakhi denies and leaves. Not entirely settled to find the individual who is attempting to isolate them. Ishan’s man sees this and tells Ishan that Pakhi is irate with Ishan for reasons unknown. Ishan imagines that this is an ideal opportunity to meet Agastya.

Prema shares with Pakhi that she can’t really accept that Agastya didn’t change and inquires as to why he would do this way. Shanaya says that this all event after Ishan’s return. Pakhi says that Ishan and his family endured due to her and Agastya. He, when all is said and done, needed to avoid them, yet Agastya persuaded him to acknowledge the work in the emergency clinic he worked previously. She says that she needs no more issue to Ishan as a result of them. Prema shares with Pakhi to pay attention to Agastya’s avocation. However, Pakhi declines. Prema says that fortunately Sameer hasn’t arrived. She gets stunned on seeing Sameer. The last option says that he won’t allow Agastya to destroy her girl’s bliss once more.

Ishan comes Agastya’s office and battles with Agastya blaming him for taking his and Pakhi’s photograph. He says that he doesn’t merit Pakhi and wishes she disappears from him. Agastya says that Pakhi won’t leave him. It ends up being Agastya’s creative mind. Ishan comes to meet Agastya. The last option inquires as to whether Pakhi let him know anything. Ishan says that he didn’t converse with her. Ishan says that he heard that he will give prosthetic legs to handicaps without benefit. He says that it’s a decent drive. He inquires as to whether he can give prosthetic legs to the malignant growth patients who lost their hands or legs during the activity.

Agastya says that he doesn’t on the off chance that he can deal with such a major responsibility, so he denies. Ishan believes that he needs to concur for his arrangement. Ishan says that Agastya is denying a result of what occurred before. Agastya denies it and he concurs. Ishan believes that Agastya can’t envision what will occur with him in the following day question and answer session.

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