Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 22nd June 2022 Written Update:

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Episode begins with Shantaram harming Krishna and requesting that she send Gomti to get milk. Krishna sends Gomti and cries. Ahilya says Krishna’s concern has shaken me inside, there will be numerous such ladies pained by this issue, perhaps the ladies have no fortitude.

Tukoji says they will endure everything except remain silent. She says its sufficient at this point. They say we need to build our solidarity to battle a major issue. She says we need to expand my military now, there is Vat Poornima tomorrow, it’s an indication of a couple’s affection. She lets some know plan.

Gomti returns home. Shantaram says Krishna has made the food and went to Kanta Mausi, he requested that I feed you the food. He took Krishna some place and tying her up. He says you will get rebuffed for empowering Gomti,

you will be tied here the entire evening, you will save a quick for me tomorrow like an optimal spouse. She cries. Gomti cries. Tukoji comes to the town and meets the locals. Gomti sees Shantaram dozing.

She goes out to see Krishna. She hears a few canines woofing. Yamuna sees Ahilya going out. She follows. She sees a few worker and thinks I m mixed up, Ahilya would be resting as of now. Ahilya meets the townspeople. Gomti sees Krishna restricted and asks who tied you here, father, right. She liberates her.

Krishna says don’t open the ropes, let me stay here. Gomti says we will proceed to come clean to Ahilya. Krishna says don’t get resolute, we will not do this. They cry. Its morning, Ahilya implores Shiv ji in the sanctuary. Gomti comes there and cries.

Ahilya sees her and takes her with her. She reassures Gomti. She asks her the matter. She asks is Krishna fine. Gomti says Krishna will bite the dust, my father will kill her, he had attached her to the tree yesterday night. Ahilya stresses.

Gomti says save her, I can’t survive without her, get equity for her. Ahilya embraces her. She says Krishna will definitely get equity yet the issue is, she is denying reality. Gomti says she is tremendously frightened of father, so she lies. Krishna comes and says I didn’t lie. The ladies are getting ready for Vat Poornima.

They all triumph when it’s all said and done. Parvati says I didn’t keep this quick previously, I m Khanderao’s better half, I will do this puja and ask him for coming seven births. Gautama requests that Harku set up the puja plate for Ahilya today.

Harku says sure. Dwarka says Parvati needs to get Khanderao as spouse in each birth, you might get a similar Sautan moreover. Krishna reviews Shantaram’s words. She says I made sense of Gomti commonly.

Ahilya inquires as to for what reason are you enduring the torments, why, its pixie to make sense of him, not simply you are reliant upon him, he is additionally reliant. Krishna says no, he can leave me and remarry, where will a spouse go. Gautama says Dwarka, our great days can’t get any awful sight, in view of your harsh insults, I think you need to dispose of us, I encourage you to not do puja for Malhar today.

Krishna says I have no issue, I m content with my better half, Gomti is mixed up. Ahilya says today’s Vat Poornima, do you acknowledge that your family is an optimal family. Krishna says I m difficult. Ahilya says just you are attempting, he acts awful than a creature, there is still time, you can perceive everybody what occurred with you, your life can change, now is the right time,

you get him rebuffed. Krishna says I can’t hear wrong words about him, I can’t get him rebuffed. She takes Gomti. Ahilya says you are consuming in this fire, your Gomti may likewise consume in this, then, at that point, you will be simply defenseless and can do nothing. Krishna says I need to go in puja. She leaves with Gomti.

Precap :Krishna tumbles down. Ahilya requests that she keep herself alive, and have water. The woman says she can’t hydrate.

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