Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 21st June 2022 Written Update:

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 21st June 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode begins with Krishna reviewing her better half tormenting her and chastening her. He says you figure I will get terrified, on the off chance that anything is demonstrated in the darbar, I will get rebuffed for a brief time frame, you can’t figure how I will respond, I will leave you both, you will have no regard, you ask out and about. Krishna cries.

She beseeches him. He says its your Dharm to continuously stand by listening to your significant other, you will get maligned. She says I will do as you say, don’t forsake us.

He says fine, I have a condition. FB closes. Krishna says my better half loves me and Gomti a ton. Gomti requests that she say reality. Krishna says I m extremely content with him. Shantaram says there is no significance of the whine against me.

Gunuji says I previously told you, this matter isn’t meriting to be in the darbar, such easily overlooked details occur in the family, family can’t put each other in the prison. Khanderao says one needs to hold the obligations together, you address the issues,

Gomti shouldn’t have any misconception, raise her well. Gunu ji requests that they go at this point. Gomti says however I didn’t get equity. Krishna requests that she come. Gunu ji says everybody will blow up and leave from the darbar.

Ahilya gets stressed for Krishna. Harku assuages her. Krishna comes to meet Ahilya. She says Gomti makes such stories. Ahilya says I have seen your injuries, don’t make stories. Krishna says I can’t come to do the back rub from today, you fare thee well. Ahilya requests that she beat her apprehension. She says I m with you, I will get equity for you.

Krishna leaves. Gomti requests that Shantaram let her go. Gunu ji says Khanderao will do what I need, simply leave from here. They leave. Ahilya says I will figure out reality, I won’t allow shamefulness to occur with Krishna.

Vaid ji checks Ahilya and says very soon, your child’s chuckling will reverberate in this royal residence. Ahilya expresses gratitude toward him. She gives a letter to Sarja and requests that she give it to Tukoji. She says I won’t face any challenge about my child, I won’t allow any issue to come on my Praja. They see Khanderao. He grins and says I just met Vaid ji,

he guaranteed me that your wellbeing is fine, yet I m reasoning something. She asks what occurred. He says its Vat Poornima tomorrow, is your fasting fundamental. She grins. She says we don’t have to think twice about things.

He says I can’t keep the diets. She says the customs simply increments warmth, many spouses don’t get love and regard from their husbands, who might believe her better half should beat her. He says so you are familiar Krishna’s matter.

She gestures. Shantaram flies off the handle on Krishna. He reviews Gunu ji’s words and quiets down. Khanderao says the matter is invalidated, Krishna said that she is extremely cheerful in her life, she has no grumbles with her significant other. She says Krishna is lying. He asks do you have any evidence.

She says I have seen her eyes, she had agony and dread in her eyes. He says Krishna’s neighbors saw nothing such, we need to acknowledge everything that Krishna said in the darbar, I will send somebody with your food. He leaves.

Shantaram converses with Gomti. He says prior to telling anybody, ask me, I will clear the entirety of your questions, I m your father, right. Tukoji looks on. He comes to Ahilya and says I have followed then, at that point, Shantaram didn’t act seriously with Krishna. Shantaram asks. He requests that Krishna come. He says I swear, I will give you everything what you merit, I m your Lord, your destiny. Gomti looks on.

Precap :Shantaram ties up Krishna and says I will rebuff you. Krishna swoons down. Gomti yells. Ahilya sees Krishna.

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