Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 20th June 2022 Written Update:

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Episode begins with Gomti saying I have seen you and Ahilya and got the fortitude to come here and grumble against my father. Khanderao asks when did you see us. She says on the capability day,

my mum Krishna was there with Ahilya. Khanderao asks are you Krishna’s little girl. She says OK. He requests that Tukoji figure out the matter. He asks her name. She says Gomti. He says you can definitely relax, you will get equity.

She says I realized you will give me equity on hearing my grumble, my mum used to let me know accounts of lord and sovereign, you are more better compared to the narratives characters. Khanderao embraces her and grins. Gunu ji figures I will make them defenseless, they will simply do treachery with you. Krishna sees Gomti and asks where did you go,

for what reason are you cheerful. Gomti says simply relax, all will be well, Khanderao told me. Krishna asks what did you say. Gomti says I told in the darbar that father torments you. Krishna inquires as to for what reason did you go there.

Gomti cries and says I can’t see you in torment. Krishna says you don’t have the foggiest idea about your father’s outrage, he won’t leave us. Ahilya and Tukoji talk about the arrangement of employing reliable individuals. She says I trust you a ton. He says I just got trust, not privileges. She asks did you say anything.

He doesn’t say anything, I will go at this point. Parvati accompanies the juice and says Gautama has sent this for you. Ahilya says I additionally like the Aamras you make.

She says I have another work, send a watchman to Krishna’s home and get the data, she looks stressed to me. He says sure. He leaves. Khanderao says we need to ensure that Ahilya has barely any familiarity with Krishna’s matter,

Ahilya and Krishna have connection, they have come close, on the off chance that Ahilya knows this, she will get anxious, its not appropriate for her, when this gets arranged, I will tell her beginning and end. Gangoba gestures. Parvati says Krishna is a conventional worker, for what reason are you stressed, everybody experiences a few difficulties,

Krishna will take care of the issues herself. Ahilya says my father and Malhar instructed this to me, assuming anybody sacrificially works on something for us, we ought to esteem it and pay the blessing back, it increment love.

Gunuji meets Shantaram and says this saree and bangle are for you, you can’t be known as a man now, you were unable to deal with your significant other and girl. He tells everything. He says your little girl challenged you, gatekeepers will return home to take you, Ahilya knows Krishna and Gomti, she is appended to them, Khanderao will hang you halfway, individuals will toss stones at you, he will rebuff you to satisfy Ahilya,

she is pregnant, think what you need to do. Ahilya, Khanderao and Parvati have a walk. Ahilya says you have dealt with the darbar well. He says you can definitely relax, I have an issue and don’t find an answer, I need to make stay houses close to the water sources, I was unable to find any water source around there.

Parvati thinks what are they talking. Ahilya says then, at that point, advise the watchmen to find a bumble bee hive, I heard Guru ji saying that they make the hive around a water source. He says I ought to have taken your recommendation previously, I find an answer from you generally. Parvati thinks I have no theme to converse with him,

for what reason did I accompany them. They pause and see her. Ahilya says this will be your most memorable Vat Poornima after marriage. Parvati says OK. Ahilya says Yashoda said you celebrate it well in your town. Parvati says OK.

She discusses the fair and the puja. Khanderao goes with her. Ahilya stops. Harku comes and sees her crying. She says you purposefully halted behind, right. Ahilya says on the off chance that I didn’t stop here, then, at that point, Parvati would lack her portion of the walk.

Its morning, Gunu ji figures Tukoji didn’t come to darbar even today. Shantaram, Krishna and Gomti are called there. Gunu ji tells the gripes presented on Shantaram. He asks do you acknowledge these faults. Shantaram lies a ton. He requests that Khanderao ask Krishna. Gomti requests that Krishna say reality to Khanderao.

Ahilya asks Harku did you see Krishna, she didn’t come. Harku says she will come. Ahilya says her way of behaving is bizarre, something wrong is occurring with her. Harku says she is happy, what’s going on can occur with her, take the prescriptions now. Ahilya says I feel in the event that she doesn’t come here today, then she won’t ever come.

Harku says she could have some pixie work. Tukoji comes and says Ahilya is correct, Krishna is in the darbar. Khanderao says you don’t have to get terrified of anybody, simply say reality, I guarantee I will get equity for you. He asks does your significant other Shantaram beat you and act gravely. Krishna sees Shantaram.

Precap :Ahilya says we will take the data about Krishna’s matter. Krishna comes and says sorry, I can’t come to do the back rub from today.

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