Anupama 20th June 2022 Written Update:

Anupama 20th June 2022 Written Update on

In the present episode, Sara tells to Anupama that she is an artist as well and needs to join her foundation. Anupama says her institute is costly and on the off chance that she can manage. Sara asks the expenses. Anupama says she need to make some tea of everyday for her. Sara thinks that it is cool. Barkha says Sara don’t have any idea how to make a tea. Sara says that she will learn. Anupama says kids ought to know it all. Adhik tells to Barkha about somebody’s welcome. Sara won’t join in. Barkha requests that Anupama go along with them too for the supper at their companions’ place. Anupama says she has parcel of work to wrap up. Barkha shares with Anupama that it is great she runs a dance foundation however presently she Kapadia ought to accomplish some tasteful work.

Hasmuk bring tea for Vanraj. He inquires as to whether he is strained in view of his work. Vanraj imparts to Hasmuk that he is worn out on securing position. Samar illuminates Hasmuk that he is going to the institute. Anupama inquires as to whether she implied by her words that her work isn’t commendable. Barkha says being Anuj’s better half running dance foundation sometimes falls short for her. Anupama gives a befitting answer to Barkha, she shields herself. She tells to Barkha that to make her character, she had battled an extreme battle.

Samar searches for his sipper. Vanraj bring it Samar. Samar asks to Vanraj that for what valid reason he come to give him sipper. Vanraj shares with Samar that he hasn’t arrived to simply give him sipper. He adds Anupama is Anuj’s significant other and he doesn’t figure she will come to the institute. Vanraj tells Samar on the off chance that he can help in running the foundation. Samar and Vanraj gets stunned seeing Anupama at the foundation. Adhik requests that Barkha begin working as well. Barkha inquires as to whether Ankush bombs this time. GK over hears Barkha and Adhik’s discussion and stresses for Anupama and Anuj.

Anupama gets some information about his visit. Samar tells to Anupama that, Vanraj is here to give him sipper. Anupama requests that Samar enlist Sara as well. She requests that Samar start the work. Afterward, Anupama visit Shah’s alongside Sara. Sara welcome Shah’s to her place. Paritosh and Vanraj against the welcome. Anupama shares with Vanraj that her kids can come to her place whenever. Hasmuk asks Samar, Kinjal, Partiosh to go.

Ankush tells Anuj that day was long. Ankush says he dread assuming he bombs second time as well. Anuj what he implied? Ankush concocted a rationalization. Barkha and Adhik gets stunned seeing Anupama’s youngsters at home. Sara uncovers she welcomed them. Anupama requests that Adhik and Barkha go along with them. She further gets strained seeing Pakhi and Adhik’s eye-lock second.

Precap: Anupama moves. Kinjal tumbles down and cries in torment. Anupama and others gets stunned.

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