Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 17th June 2022 Written Update:

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 17th June 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode begins with Gunu ji heading the darbar. Gangoba says Tukoji isn’t coming today. Gunu ji thinks where did he go. Gangoba says the present case is unique. Gomti comes.

Gunu ji says this isn’t a jungle gym that you came to play. She says we get equity here, right. Gangoba says OK, say the matter unafraid. She says I have come to whine against my father, he beats my mum consistently,

I got to know how a spouse ought to act with his better half, my father acts gravely with my mum, I have come to get equity for my mum, all of you rebuff my father. She cries. Gunu ji begins chuckling and says you got your home make a difference to the darbar. Gangoba looks on. Gunu ji says I mean such easily overlooked details occur in each house,

a couple have battles, it doesn’t imply that you make such an assessment on your father, you are youthful, you ought to keep the matter at home, you return home at this point. She says when my father beats my mum, she feels a lot of harmed.

She tells the torments. She says my mum’s shouts leave the house’s walls. Krishna asks Ahilya how is she feeling now. Ahilya says great, enlarging is less. Krishna says Vaid said that your wellbeing is great, I said I m dealing with you. Ahilya says I know. Krishna jokes.

Ahilya requests that she show the injury, for what reason is she strolling along these lines. Krishna says simply relax, such things occur during family work. Ahilya says you said you have stomach throb, you didn’t say that your foot consumed.

Krishna says I was embarrassed about my misstep. Ahilya asks how might you foot consume by coal, while cooking is finished by wood. Krishna lies and says I will proceed to make your medication. She cries. Clergymen ask what is this young lady talking about, does anybody beat his better half along these lines. Gunu ji says perhaps your mum did some misstep,

also, your father rebuffed her, and you thought he is tormenting her. Gomti says my mum in all actuality does no misstep, my father commits every one of the errors, he drinks liquor and battles everybody. Gunu ji says you are saying a great deal in the darbar, a spouse can’t raise on her significant other, it’s a transgression.

Gomti asks isn’t it a wrongdoing in the event that a spouse beats his significant other. He says no, it’s a spouse’s obligation to comply with her better half, darbar will not tackle this issue, your folks will settle it, go now, I need to take care of different issues. Ahilya says Krishna, you are with me since numerous months, you deal with me however I believe I know nothing about you, who all are there in your family, I just met Gomti, what’s your significant other’s name,

how can he respond. Krishna says we have a little field, he does cultivating. Ahilya says its great, your significant other would cherish you a ton, right. Krishna reviews her better half’s torments. Ahilya asks what occurred.

Krishna says he takes great consideration of me. Ahilya figures the reason why did her face turn pale. Gunu ji requests that Gangoba call the following individual. Gomti says I will not go, I didn’t get equity. Gunu ji says she is burning through our time, take her outside. Gangoba requests that Gomti go now, the issue will not get settled at this point.

She requests equity. Serve expresses such things occur between each couple, attempt to comprehend. She reviews Khanderao and Ahilya. She says this doesn’t occur between each couple, I have seen this, so I got boldness to bring this gripe here, Ahilya let me know that I will turn out to be more fearless than her, call her here, she gets equity for everybody.

Harku comes to Ahilya. She asks where is Gomti. Krishna says she is at home. Harku says I have seen her close the darbar some time back, I thought she is here so I got desserts for her. Krishna stresses. Harku says I like your girl. Ahilya checks Krishna out. Gomti says call Ahilya here, she will do equity.

Gunu ji expresses pay attention to me, for few days, I m the lord here. Gangoba gets stunned. He assumes he isn’t understanding the significance of this position, he is doing treachery with the Praja. Gunu ji says my choice matters.

Gomti says call Ahilya once, she will grasp me. He requests that gatekeepers drop the young lady her home. Gangoba stops the watchman. Krishna says I will simply take a quick trip and see Gomti. Ahilya says you can definitely relax, for what reason are you strained, Gomti is in the royal residence, I will request that the worker get her here. Krishna says she can turn out badly room, sorry, she is youthful, so I m stressed, I will proceed to get her, I feel fretful.

Harku requests that she go. Ahilya sees the injury on Krishna’s abdomen. Krishna goes. Ahilya asks can somebody’s midriff get a consume while cooking. Harku asks what sort of inquiry is this. Ahilya says we stay with somebody for a really long time, however and still, at the end of the day we can’t grasp them. Gangoba says she is a little kid, we will send somebody to her room and confirm the matter.

Gunu ji says we won’t chat on this matter at this point. He requests that gatekeeper take the young lady out. Khanderao comes, asking what’s going on in the darbar. Tukoji comes to Ahilya and says I have made a rundown of individuals who we can thoroughly trust. He requests that Ahilya see it once.

Khanderao checks everybody out. Gomti cries. He takes Gomti back to the darbar. Gunu ji gets down the high position. Khanderao proceeds to sit on his high position. He says Gunu ji, I m frustrated by your way of behaving, you were expelling a little kid from the darbar. Gunu ji says she wasn’t leaving. Khanderao says she didn’t get equity, so she didn’t wish to go.

Gangoba gestures. Gunuji says she doesn’t have comprehension of equity. Khanderao says Malhar instructed me, that darbar and equity don’t see the individual’s age yet the condition, the little kid had thought for even a moment to keep the matter in the darbar, we as a whole ought to regard it. He asks Gomti what’s her concern.

Precap :Gunu ji says Gomti has whined about her father. Gomti requests that Krishna come clean. Ahilya offers something wrong is going on with Krishna. Tukoji says Ahilya is off-base, Krishna is in the darbar.

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