Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 16th June 2022 Written Update:

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 16th June 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode begins with Harku getting the gifts from Khanderao for Ahilya and Parvati. Parvati gets happy. She requests that Rakma see, he remembered her and sent a gift for her too.

Ahilya grins and reviews. FB shows… Khanderao says you will like the plans. Ahilya asks what’s the need, you previously got a ton. Harku comes and says Gautama is calling Khanderao. He says I m hanging tight for somebody,

I have requested a few gifts. Harku says I will get it, you go. She requests that Ahilya go, she will get the gifts. Ahilya says I have a solicitation, might you at any point partition the gifts in two offers, for myself and Parvati. Harku says he got it for you.

FB closes. Ahilya praises Parvati and asks did you like his decision. Parvati says he got something for me interestingly, did you feel awful, don’t say you like this, else he will give this to you. Khanderao comes and asks how could you like the saree. Parvati expresses gratitude for giving this saree, its lovely. He checks Ahilya out.

She signs him. He grins promotion says its solid. Parvati grins. She sees the gems. Ahilya signs him that she additionally preferred the gifts. They grin. Krishna and Gomti get back. She gets terrified of her better half. He reproves her. Gomti cries. He compromises her holding the consuming coal. Tukoji asks how might the reports be correct.

Gangoba says its east for Gunu ji to orchestrate such reports, Gunu ji got his men in the service, how might we view as confirmation. Ahilya says then we need to adjust the service, Tukoji, make a rundown of dependable individuals, those whom we can trust absolutely that they won’t ever swindle Malwa. He gestures.

Gunu ji says Ahilya bombed today, she came to affront me. Dwarka says the privileged position isn’t away from you now. He says Khanderao will cause me to sit on the privileged position, he won’t believe Ahilya now, she can do nothing. Ahilya says when we have verification, we will go to Khanderao, I will think where to recruit individuals,

we need to watch out for all the depts. Gangoba gestures. She says Krishna would be coming, I ought to go. He says I will drop you to your room. She says fine. They leave. Tuko ji sees Rakma coming. She says Ahilya, Khanderao and Malhar trust you a great deal, they love you, however they don’t give you obligations.

He says don’t begin it once more. She says you misjudge yourself, so they simply give you the work, you accomplish the work earnestly, then they pat your back and commendation you, they thank you and you get blissful, they don’t give you demon, you are only a skilled peon for them, did reality show up harsh, you can’t have any response, you know, you are dealt with like that as it were. She goes.

Khanderao causes Ahilya to have the medication. He deals with her. They discuss Parvati. He says those gifts were for you, not a great fit for everybody, it was your rasam, when Parvati’s opportunity arrives, I will spoil her likewise, you didn’t have to share your gems. She says we ought to give her adoration with the goal that she gives love to our approaching child.

He says as you say, I will knead your feet. She says Krishna would come. He says she won’t be coming today, she has communicated something specific, you do a great deal for everybody, I can do this for you. He does the back rub. She cries and says you have taken a lot of care of me. Krishna and Gomti cry. Gomti says father has harmed you a ton. She considers Ahilya.

Krishna comes to deal with Ahilya. Ahilya inquires as to for what reason are you strolling along these lines. Krishna says I m fine. Ahilya says you sent the message that you’re not fine, what occurred. Krishna says I had a lot of food yesterday, and had a surprise stomach. She twists and gets injured. She says I take care of not the milk in the kitchen,

the feline can complete it, this generally occurs with me. Gautama requests that Vaid analyze Ahilya, her multi month is beginning at this point. He actually takes a look at Ahilya’s heartbeat. Vaid’s associate sees Krishna, and asks are you fine, Gomti came to get drugs for you, for what reason does this happen each substitute day. Krishna says no, my foot consumed while preparing the food. Vaid trains Gautama.

Precap :Gomti grumbles against her father and requests that they call Ahilya to do equity. Gunu ji says I m the ruler here for few days, and my choice will matter. Gangoba checks him out.

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