Nima Denzongpa 23rd June 2022 Written Update:

Nima Denzongpa 23rd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Priyal, she declares to her relatives that Virat and Nima are not a couple any longer. Manya asks her the amount she will stoop so low? Manya requests that Virat quit doing like this. Priyal requests that Manya avoid her and adds that what will occur in the event that this marriage didn’t happen? Her child will kick the bucket she notice it in compromising tone to all. Priyal alarms them utilizing child name. Virat asks Priyal how’s the need to talk this doesn’t he consent to wed her? Virat argues Manya to grasp what is going on.

Priyal holds Virat hands near aggravate relatives. She begins moving there alone. Nima figures how is it that she could move like this while she is pregnant. Nima gets some information about child? Priyal asks whose child? She discovers that she let out the beans and deals with the circumstance there.

Nima believes that something is off-putting here. Priyal requests Nima to apply Mehandi to her. Virat adds that she is crossing her cutoff. Priyal requests that Nima compose Virat name in her grasp. Priyal gets shock to see Bimla there and reasons them lying she is getting spewing sensation.

Priyal asks Bimla why is she here? Bimla grievances that neither she isn’t giving cash to her nor giving cash to her. Priyal guarantees her that she will pay for her around evening time thinking everything going here as per her arrangement so quit destroying it. Priyal sees Varun there and questions him Is he listen in her discussion?

Varun denies it Nima comes there. Priyal requests that Bimla leave before she get found out. Priyal prevent Nima from following her so she flags Varun to follow her. Priyal asks her Is she don’t have any significant bearing Mehandi to her will her Mother in regulation apply it? She prods her for having two mother by marriage. Nima tells her that she will not be dependably and figure out everything.

Priyal flies off the handle seeing her mehandi destroyed. She faults Nima done it purposefully. Virat has a place with her generally. Nima offers to her that she can’t ready to get love by constraining him. Priyal requests Nima to apply mehandi in her leg. Virat says that he will leave from here assuming she act like this? Priyal says that she requested that Mehandi originator come here. She requests to play drums there however he denies it thinking he really want additional cash for it.

Priyal requests Paras to do it all things being equal. Virat reproves her she shows blade to them in compromising manner. Nima guarantees to Manya that they will dominate in this match. Virat attempts to prevent Priyal from moving yet she applies mehandi on his hand. While moving his hand erroneously contact Nima and mehandi applies on her hand. The two offers a close to home eyelock there.

Nima cries alone. Sunita comes there and notification her. She requests that she weep hysterically compelling reason need to conceal her feelings. Nima embraces her and sobs hysterically. Sunita tells her that she can ready to grasp what is going on. Nima offers to her for what reason did fate generally play like this to her. Manya says that its all incident as a result of her. Nima requests that she quit assuming fault on her and embraces her.

Nima says that she tracked down her new love however her girls and family in every case first to her. She reassured them. Sia requests that Nima return with them. Priyal says that she can’t ready to leave thinking she is her bridemate. Sunita curses Priyal there. Priyal requests them to leave from that point. Later Nima contacts Varun and gains from him that she was correct something is off-base. He cautioned her that hooligans was encircled by her he sent Bimla photograph to her. She questions something is off-base.

Priyal asks her why is she here alone? She deceives her that she lost her hoop. Nima imagines that she could bring her reality out. Later Virat envisions Nima close to him. He embraces her when she comes there. The two offers each other sentiments. Nima believes that certainly she will win in their adoration. Priyal comes there and shock to see them together.

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