Sirf Tum 24th June 2022 Written Update:

Sirf Tum 24th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Vikrant coming to the scene and Ansh Asha additionally come there with band baja. Seeing their dance, Ranveer requests that Ansh stop their theatrics. Unlawful individuals like them have no spot to be here. Ansh says he thought Ranveer is cunning however he can’t see there are three mandaps and three weddings will happen today. So they are not leaving.

Asha encounters Mamta. She says she told her she will have returned to take her freedoms so she is right here. Asha lets Vikrant know that this is a similar wedding joda he gave her while wedding her. She wore it today.

Mamta and everybody get stunned to hear that. Mamta asks Vikrant did he deceive her then that he never wedded Asha? Asha says she hushed up each time the world scrutinized her personality yet not any longer. She inquires as to whether he will acknowledge her and her child both.

Mamta yells at Vikrant asks him what hogwash Asha is referring to. Vikrant answers he will acknowledge Asha and Ansh and will give them his last name before everybody. Ranveer is going to meddle however Suhani stops him saying noone ought to hamper their tranquility.

Ansh says he believed his mother should get her privileges first, really at that time he will get hitched. Today he believes his folks should wed each other so his character becomes legitimate. Vikrant fills vermilion on Asha’s brow and Mamta gets devastated. Vikrant says from now Asha will be called as Asha Vikrant Oberoi. Ansh is his senior child. Ranveer vapor seeing all of that..

Mamta goes to Vikrant and asks him for what reason he is dealing with her like that when she never walked out on him in difficult stretches. She was there for him. He says she ought to have mulled over everything prior to supporting Ranveer and she picked her child over her better half consequently, he got the payback by wedding Asha.

Vikrant says Mamta or Ranveer never gave him anything gainful yet Asha and Ansh can offer him more than them. Mamta looks numb and Vikrant hits the dance floor with Asha and Ansh. Asha says now Ansh can get hitched. Ranveer ruins the mandap design indignantly and says no marriage will occur today.

Mamta stops him saying he will stay put however he will wed Suhani. Her very own issues can’t influence Ranveer’s cheerful life. Dadu says Suhani can battle the world for him, he will not get an accomplice like her so he shouldn’t rebuff Suhani for Vikrant’s deed. She isn’t to blame. Suhani says they won’t fall into their snare. Dadu adds they picked this day to cause the situation intentionally however it doesn’t mean Suhani and Ranveer will not get hitched because of that.

Asha says they can’t change the way that Ansh is the senior child so he will get hitched first not Ranveer. Dadu asks Vikrant for what good reason he is doing every one of these? Vikrant says he came here to observe his children’s weddings why he is off-base. He says they are making it a major issue for not a glaringly obvious explanation. A cart shows up and Asha says her eventual little girl in regulation has come. A young lady emerges from the cart in wedding get up. She moves enthusiastically. Ranveer and Suhani get astounded seeing her.

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