Mere Sai 24th June 2022 Written Update:

Mere Sai 24th June 2022 Written Update on

Patil asks Kulkarni how can he have some familiarity with burglary. Kulkarni says I find out about each and every development in Shirdi. Banta says we were gone after as well and he is strong can do anything so accept what you have seen and toss those new individuals out. Baizmaa says I don’t completely accept that this, Sai said he believes Undrya and we ought to act well with new individuals.

Kulkarni says you call Sai your child and he was unable to save your home from robbery thus stand by listening to me toss them out. Locals with the exception of Patil and his family consent to Kulkarni. Kulkarni figures now Balvant will lose and furthermore Sai will lose trust.

Gauri searching for Undrya all over. Sai in Dwarka Mai feels Undrya’s presence. Undrya gradually strolls to him with fan he made and fans air to Sai. Sai says such lovely air I won’t ever insight. Gauri sees Undrya with Sai and blissful.

She strolls to them, Undrya shows her fan he made. Gauri says did he truly make this. Sai says soon Undrya will assume command over his life, he is a unique youngster and no more you should conceal him and will give joy to everybody as his name says.

Residents trap Undrya in a net, Gauri expresses out loud whatever are you doing, locals say he went after a youngster and took the previous evening. Kulkarni expresses now for Shirdi’s wellbeing all new individuals need to leave. New individuals demand them to just request that Undrya leave and not them.

Kulkarni says who will assume your liability, we know nothing about them, today there is robbery god understands what will occur straightaway, and imagine a scenario in which somebody is killed. Gauri attempts to guard however nobody pays attention to her, Kulkarni continues to fault Undrya and requests to consume entire basti. Undrya liberates himself.

Kulkarni says he is so wild look he free himself hit him hard. Gauri asks not to do as such, Santa oushes her away. Residents begin hitting Undrya however the stick breaks and Undrya doesn’t get injured. Everybody stunned. Sai strolls in, Undrya races to Sai.

Sai expresses out loud whatever is occurring is off-base thus even God isn’t with you. Kulkarni says it’s his dark wizardry and its demonstrated Undrya takes monkey get up and assaults, Santa Banta were keeping an eye at his home and he was missing last evening when his folks were snoozing. Townspeople say we saw Undrya run towards basti.

Sai asks did anybody see that man going to Undrya’s home. Kulkarni says I want no evidences and I am head here and I simply decide, new individuals ought to leave and this is Undrya’s demonstration to take. Sai requests that Undrya talk, he needs to help him yet Undrya first needs to help himself.

Undrya lets everybody know that he was with Sai the previous evening. Sai says awesome, I could say that yet I believe you should represent yourself. Sai says Undrya was with me the entire night in Dwarka Mai.

( Undrya with Sai making fan for his mom)

Sai says I came to drop Undrya the previous evening. Gauri says they aren’t lying look this fan he made and furthermore today morning he was with Sai. Kulkarni says Sia generally saves hoodlum’s. Bhiva says we trust Sai another person should be criminal.

Sai says Kulkarni you look furious, you ought to be content an honest is protected. Kulkarni says you will be answerable for every one of his activities. Sai says I acknowledge it since I trust Undrya. Kulkarni says soon this trust will be broken, I will return with strong evidences, Sai says when you demonstrate its Undrya or another person from basti, I will request that everybody leave.

Gauri tells his significant other, I have seen him blissful and quiet with Sai. He says I am terrified, Undrya won’t ever allow us to live in harmony, I feel like I ought to leave him far away. Undrya pays attention to them and feels awful, he sees kids playing and goes to play with them, they get hallowed of him abd runaway from him,

basti individuals think Undrya is disturbing their children and hurt him. Undrya blows up and attempts to frightened them with a stone, Gauri stops him, basti individuals shout at Undrya and his family and undermine them. Basti individuals fault Undrya as theif and expresses in view of Undrya they will lose positions and continue to affront them. Basti individuals request Undrya to leave basti. Undrya moves irate and takes off. Undrya’s dad reprimands him. Gauri says let gim go, I know where he will go, to the person who deals with him like human.

Undrya lets Sai know how everybody can’t stand him. Sai wipes Undrya’s tears and says I like you Charuhas and your mom as well. Undrya says I have no companions, Sai says you before long will have companions, first eat something. Undrya says baba didn’t give food however rebuffed me. Sai says I am telling you so go have food, I have kept laddu in pot go. Undrya proceeds to see two pots and os confounded.

Precap :Gauri asks where is Undrya. Gauri sees Undrya sharp looking and expresses gratitude toward Sai.

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