Radha Mohan 24th June 2022 Written Update:

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Episode starts with Mohan takes care of Radha. He hacks so Radha gives water to him. Tulsi’s soul grins seeing that. She says that Radha and Mohan broke each other’s quick. She ponders that it’s an incident or God flagging something. Then again, Mohini reviews that how Guru maa advised her to finish the quick at any expense. Kaveri opens the entryway and gets stunned seeing Gungun. She amiably inquires as to whether the last option needs anything.

Gungun tells her that she needs vengeance. She reviews that how Kaveri beat her up. She tosses water ballons at Kaveri and Damini and leaves from that point. Damini lets Kaveri know that this is only a start and Tulsi won’t leave them. She says that Tulsi’s soul didn’t let her total her quick. She adds that she can’t win against Tulsi’s soul regardless. Kaveri requests that she quit rambling.

Tulsi’s soul says that she will safeguard her vermilion until she finds a decent mother for Gungun and great soul mate for Mohan. In the interim, Mohan stands by to instruct English to Radha. He goes to Gungun’s room. He asks Radha that for what good reason she didn’t come to concentrate on English. She lets him know that she was not feeling good. He tells her that she is lying. She lets him know that she is a liar and theif too. She adds that she can’t concentrate on today. She is going to close the entryway however he stops her. He tells her that she is acting this way with him just when dislike he just committed error. He asks her that for what good reason she didn’t expressed anything to Damini when Damini slapped her. She lets him know that she expected help from him as it were.

He asks her that how he needs to persuade her. She lets him know that she need to rest despite the fact that she isn’t sluggish in any way. She shuts the entryway and cries seeing her palm. Tulsi’s soul lets Radha know that she can figure out that what the last option going through at this point. She adds that Mohan isn’t awful and he is evolving now. Mohan requests that Radha open the entryway and converse with him.

Vishwanath reproves Kadambari for denouncing Radha. Mohan comes there and lets Vishwanath know that the last option reserve no privileges to holler at Kadambari. He says that once he lost his mom due to Vishwanath however he won’t allow that to repeat. He cautions him. Vishwanath leaves from that point.

Kadambari lets Mohan know that she committed error so Vishwanath is right on the money. He tells her that Radha didn’t be able to tell about Damru in light of Damini. He adds that it appeared as though Damini needed to demonstrate Radha as theif. He ponders that what precisely Damini needs from Radha in light of the fact that Damini acts odd.

Damini tells her that she did everything except she bombed consistently. She adds that this marriage will not occur. Kaveri requests that she come to detect. Damini says that Priest was correct that she can’t turn into Mohan’s better half. Kaveri tells her that this marriage is her fantasy and the objective of her life. She says that predetermination upheld Kadambari generally so she chose to ensure that Damini rules this house. She adds that they can’t ease off at this point. Damini tells her that Radha drawing near to Mohan. Kaveri tells her that nobody can stop this marriage. Damini gestures at her.

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