Nima Denzongpa 24th June 2022 Written Update:

Nima Denzongpa 24th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Nima, she offers to Virat that he is an excellent individual. Virat tells her that Priyal made an honest effort to apply mehandi on her hand in his name however fate made his hand contacted with Nima. He called attention to the Mehandi stain in her grasp. Priyal gets aggravates to hear it and questions her what’s she doing in his room in this time?

Nima advises her that she is here to give TShirt to him. Priyal requests that she quit tricking her around. Virat asks her doesn’t he thoroughly taking care of her then, at that point, what’s her concern in it? Priyal requests him to hear this as well. From this point forward Nima won’t rest in Krish room thinking he is her child.

Nima lets him know she has no issues to rest in her room. Virat tells her that she can wed him by compelling him however she will not get his adoration. She adds that after their marriage Nima will take off from this house until the end of time. Later Priyal reproves Nima for contacting her things. Nima guarantees her that she won’t contact her things. Priyal requests her to rest on floor like previously.

Nima tells her that she will always remember her place so quit attempting to affront her. She will not get influence by everything. Following day Nima sees that Krish laying down with her and enquire him what is he doing here? He tells her that he looked for herself and wound up here. Nima deals with the circumstance there and persuades him. Gulshan and Mona gets stunned to see the game plans there.

Gulshan asks her whom done everything? Priyal tells her she done it for her Haldi service to look rich. She requests them to wear dress as per her norm. They denies it however she compromises them to kill the child. Priyal thinks where could Nima be? Nima planning Haldi in kitchen Ramu believed it’s for Pakkoda and adds cold in it. Priyal takes it from that point ignorant about reality later Priyal asks Nima for what good reason did she bring different haldi for Virat. She offers to her that he is sensitive to saffron.

Priyal adds that a worker very much aware of her proprietor’s taste. She requests her to apply hald all over first. Nima applies Haldi all over. Priyal requests Nima to apply haldi all around her face. Priyal begins yell in the wake of getting consuming sensation right in front of her. She requests that they bring water Nima sprinkles water all over then help her to sooth her tingling.

Priyal questions Nima what did she included that haldi? Virat asks her for what valid reason did she denouncing her pointless? Priyal adds that she is desirous of her excellence so she going to demolish her face too she spit in that haldi and going to apply it on Nima face yet came by Virat. Priyal compromises him by putting her hand on paunch. Nima signals him don’t stop her.

Virat sees Ramu stowing away and brings him there. He stops Priyal and uncovered all reality to them that Ramu added crisp in it and tosses the haldi on floor. Nima protests that she used to accuse her for others botch. She is an excellent individual that is the reason she is excused her frequently. She won’t stoop this low. Priyal requests that she prepare for marriage quickly and bring her family for marriage.

Nima calls Varun to do nothing work she come there. She plays a show to Priyal that she broke her anklets erroneously. Priyal requests her to fix it. Nima deceives her that she has marriage work yet Priyal resolute in her choice. She cautions Nima to don’t design against her.

Nima guarantees that she won’t face challenge while she conveying Manya’s child. Later she illuminates to Virat about it yet he guarantees her that he will go with her. Nima denies it and thinks Priyal is exceptionally splendid so she can’t ready to share this to anybody.

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