Sanjog Written Update 20th October 2022:

Sanjog Written Update 20th October 2022 on

Episode begins with Gopal driving the vehicle and taking Ranjini to the Kotharis house. She gives him a few directions and furthermore request that he watch out for Gauri and Chanda. The last option gets disappointed with her yet controls his displeasure.

Around then one of Pradhaan’s man sees Gopal and remembers him. He begins following the last option, while Gopal gets stunned. He attempts to keep away from him and takes another course. Ranjini reprimands him for his unpleasant driving, while he concocts a rationalization and drops her to the house. She goes out in the wake of frowning at him while he becomes strained contemplating the new issue.

Here, Gopal chooses to inform about the make a difference to Gauri and stresses over the wellbeing of his loved ones. In the mean time, Amrita fakes her chastening towards Chanda and reproaches her for not focusing towards studies. Tara feels awful for her companion and helps the last option. Amrita grins seeing her arrangement working and Chanda additionally gets happy.

Amrita questions Tara that for what reason is she helping Chanda and reminds about her battle with the last option. Tara understands her mix-up and apologizes to the two of them. Though, Rajeev sees them from remaining close to the entryway and grins noticing his little girl. Amrita sees him and goes towards him, while he communicates his delight of seeing Tara blissful.

Amrita gets into contemplating uncovering reality to Rajeev. She expresses that he will have a hard time believing about Chanda being their genuine little girl. She ponders remaining quiet about both the children and converses with Rajeev in regards to it. She expresses that Chanda is affecting Tara and declares that she really wants a companion as she doesn’t have any. She demands Rajeev to allow Chanda to remain with Tara always, while he denies her idea.

Rajeev reprimands Amrita and ask not to bring the point again before him. Amrita gets stressed and thoroughly considers taking Alok’s assistance. She calls him however the telephone doesn’t get associated. In the mean time, Gopal imparts his concern to Gauri and declares that they need to leave from that point to keep away from any difficulty. Gauri gets stunned and denies to pass on the chance to become rich.

Ahead, Gauri sayd that there is an arrangement as they can take off from Chanda in Kotharis house and broadcasts that Amrita will most likely be prepared to pay them a colossal sum for her. Gopal gets incensed at Gauri and denies to leave his little girl, while Gauri communicates her anxiety. Around then Chanda comes there and embraces Gopal.

Pradhaan’s thugs comes to the Kotharis house and goes after Gopal and Gauri. The last option gets beated by the thugs yet gets effective in safeguarding Chanda. They gives an admonition to Gopal and made a cutoff time to give cash to them to save his loved ones. They undermines the last option and leaves from that point while Gauri yells at them. She gets worried for Gopal while he guarantees that he is fine.

Further, Amrita gets stressed for Chanda in the wake of seeing her state and inquire as to whether she is fine. She uncovers that Gopal is her dad and tells about the matter. Amrita gets stunned yet Gauri comes there and handles what is going on by making up obviously false.

Gauri drinks liquor and reprimands Chanda for not being her girl. She request that the last option kill the hen to demonstrate that she is fearless however the last option couldn’t ready to make it happen. The hen takes off towards the hallway while Rajeev sees Gauri with it and gets dubious. He takes it to Amrita’s room and faces her about the genuine personality and motivation behind Gauri and Chanda.

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