Sanjog Written Update 19th October 2022:

Sanjog Written Update 19th October 2022 on

Episode begins with Amrita getting worried for Tara in the wake of discovering that she is Gauri’s girl. She expresses that she won’t let her little girl disappear from her and chooses to hold both Tara and Chanda together. She ponders Gauri and stresses that the last option will attempt to make inconvenience for herself and chooses to take Alok’s assistance.

She calls her sibling right away however he couldn’t ready to accept her telephone. Around then Rajeshwari calls Amrita to her room while the last option conceals the birth declarations inside the bed to guard it from others. She leaves her room, while Gauri enters inside.

Here, Gauri shows her doubt on Amrita and chooses to see as about the matter. She saw a few records with Amrita and attempts to track down it. She actually takes a look at inside the sleeping pad and tracks down the papers. She opens it and sees her image with the child during her conveyance. She thinks thag Amrita is attempting to track down about her past and afterward takes the archives with herself.

Gauri visits a drug store shop and takes a few medications from him. She then, at that point, gives him the reports and request that he read it out to her. He enlightens her concerning the composed data and says that Amrita’s little girl has a birthday of moon on her neck. Gauri gets stunned tracking down about it, while he likewise tells about her girl having a mole on her leg.

Gauri reviews the connection of Amrita towards Chanda and presumes that their girls got traded upon the arrival of birth. She sneers and goes towards the recreation area. She stays there and announces that Chanda never paired her energies since she wasn’t her little girl. While, Amrita gets a call from Tara’s school and goes there right away.

Amrita sees Tara battling with Chanda and another young lady while she attempts to stop her. She causes Tara to comprehend that Chanda is her companion, yet the last option denies to acknowledge it. Amrita sees the injury on Chanda’s head and inquire as to whether Tara hit her? To which the last option denies and attempts to save Tara however the other young lady uncovers that Tara began the battle and harmed Chanda.

Ahead, the educator likewise grumbles about Tara’s way of behaving while the last option gets irate seeing Amrita focusing towards Chanda. Amrita attempts to deal with Tara however gets fruitless. She request that the last option express sorry to Chanda and some way or another persuades her, while Chanda excuses her right away and guarantees that she isn’t irate.

Gauri envisions defying Amrita alongside Chanda and Tara with respect to reality. She uncovers that Tara is her kid, while the last option gets frightened and denies to oblige her. Chanda broadcasts that Gauri is her mom, yet she uncovers reality to them. She chooses to grab Tara from Kotharis to get all the abundance while Amrita gets stunned. Gauri chooses to initially affirm that Tara is her own little girl or not.

Further, Amrita gets once again to the Kotharis house alongside Chanda and Tara. The last option grumbles to Rajeshwari and she reproves Amrita. The last option attempts to quiet Tara, while Gauri comes there and really looks at the mole on Tara’s leg and gets affirmed. She conceals reality from others and chooses to get the property and abundance as quickly as time permits. In the interim, Amrita conceals the records inside storage securely.

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