Main Hoon Aparajita Written Updates 20th October 2022:

Main Hoon Aparajita Written Updates 20th October 2022 on

Episode begins with Pup let everybody know that Aparajita attempted to trap her sibling who is more youthful than her. Aparajita and Disha hear it. Disha requests that Aparajita come inside. Aparajita says she did no error to stow away from others. Little dog and everybody hear it. Akshay meets Manish who’s his companion and Mohini’s sibling.

Manish chastens him for coming to of late meet him. Akshay says Aparajita is making issues for them with her most brilliant and she recruited a legal counselor. Manish says Mohini is obstinate like me. Mohini says determination is required once in a while and she shows them the video how Gaurav would not help Aparajit for her situation. Akshay asks her how it worked out.

Asha cries seeing the flowed video against Aparajita. She shows it to Chavi. Akshay chides Mohini for her way. Mohini inquires as to whether he is feeling terrible for Aparajita. Akshay says I couldn’t care less about Aparajita however she wore a mangal sutra of my name and associated with me so chuckling at her means giggling at me.

He is going to leave. Mohini says they need to go to Panthal as today is the sindoor custom. Akshay leaves. Mohini tells Manish that Men are loaded up with inner self and she didn’t get an appreciation for her work as he is stressed over his standing.

At Puja’s place, Akshay doesn’t make Mohini wear sindoor and he goes to put sindoor on Aparajita’s mang yet Aparajita stops him. She lets him know he lost the right lengthy back as he never satisfied his obligations. Mohini lashes out. Akshay snaps a picture of the sindoor in her mang. He goes up against her whose sindoor she is wearing assuming that he lost the right.

Akshay requests that Chavi ask her mother wherein right she is remaining in his tribal house. He asks assuming anybody knows for what reason she is remaining. Disha says she will address his inquiries. Aparajita requests that Disha not stretch the matter. Akshay taunts her.

Mohini defies why he attempts to fill Aparajita mang leaving her. Akshay cautions her to allow him to complete what he is doing. He lets everybody know that Aparajita is attempting to take his home. He asks on which right she is remaining here.

Amma says Aparajita accomplished such a great deal for the house. Akshay says I’m your child and what privileges she has. Aparajita says you would rather not assume liability and you simply need privileges on this house and I’m with Amma and my little girls at whatever point they need me however you’re not with them and you return to show your freedoms on the house.

She says this house has recollections of my children and this house has favors of Amma so we won’t leave it and I didn’t break my relationship with Amma even you left and we have right on this house and I’m wearing Sindoor and Mangalsutra for Amma, not so much for you. She tells it’s great assuming that he avoids them. She leaves.

At home, Aparajita reviews what Akshay said. Aparajita checks out at the house from the principal entry and cries to herself. Dadi attempts to comfort Aparajita. Disha supports Aparajita and removes Aparajita from that point. Chavi attempts to pursue Aparajita however Dadi stops her. Dadi tells Chavi that she won’t pursue Aparajita. Dadi pursues Aparajita. Chavi gets a call from somebody.

Disha carries Aparajita to her room and scans the space for Sindhur. Aparajita asks Disha what is she looking for? Disha shows the Sindhur and says this Sindhur is the base of all issues and discards Sindhur.

Aparajita inquires as to whether she understands what she is doing and inquires as to whether she knows the worth of Sindhur? Disha says this Sindhur is only a phony character that Akshay is their dad and due to it Akshay offended her. Disha attempts to wipe away the Sindhur from Aparajita’s Maang. Aparajita stops her.

She tells Disha that this Maang is the image of our relationship with this house. Disha says it is likewise the image of the relationship with the one who offended her and attempts to powerfully wipe away Sindhur from Aparajita’s Maang. Aprajita attempts to stop Disha. Dadi sees this and gets stressed.

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