RadhaKrishn Written Update 20th October 2022:

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Shankhachur says he needs to hear from Radha and other Gopis that they love him and not Krishna and he will free Gopis just when they say that he is more alluring than Krishna. Krishna requests that Radha talk boldly. Devi Gauri lets Mahadev know that she is feeling miserable hearing this and inquires as to whether Radha will rehash what Shankachur needs to hear.

Radha feels restless and can’t talk. Shankachur says she is driving him crazy. Radha says she needs to express that there is nobody wonderful than Krishna. Shankachur lashes out hearing that and reviews Shukracharya’s admonition not to allow Radha to investigate Krishna’s eyes. He requests Radha to go with him. Radha concurs. Krishna inquires as to whether its essential. Radha says she can’t express out loud whatever Shankachur needs to hear before Krishna and leaves with Shankachur.

Krishna gets back to royal residence tragically. Balram inquires as to whether he brought Gopis. Krishna says he couldn’t and on second thought Shankachur removed Radha with him. Revati asks how is it that he could allow Shankachur to remove Radha. Rukmini says she can figure out Radha’s circumstance, yet she can’t comprehend Krishna letting Radha go. Balram goes up against Krishna and inquires as to why he intentionally let Shankachur remove Radha. Krishna says he didn’t stop Shankachur as Shankachur is wearing a strong precious stone due to which he can’t track down Gopis’ area, so presently Radha’s adoration will allow him to track down Shankachur’s area.

Shankachur takes Radha to his cave. Gopis celebrate seeing her. Radha demands Shankachur to her meet Gopis. Shankachur grants her. Radha embraces Gopis. Shankachur requests that Radha get out whatever he needs to hear from her. Gopis argue Radha to avoid that. Radha says Shankachur is extremely attractive in the universe and the person who might wed him would be the most fortunate in the universe. Shankachur requests that she say she adores him. Radha thinks he really wants to express that to liberate Gopis from Shankachur.

Krishna begins playing bansuri. Radha envisions him before her and moves around him. Shankachur flies off the handle. Indeed, even he hears bansuri sound and inquires as to whether no one but he can hear bansuri sound. Radha says she adores just Krishna. Shankachur flies off the handle. Gopis says that is the force of Krishna’s adoration and transforming them inconceivable. Shankachur eliminates his precious stone and orders Radha to say him I love you.

Precap: Krishna rebuffs Shankachur for his wrongdoings. Shankhachur’s dead body falls before Shukracharya. Shukracharya decides to get payback from Krishna.

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