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Radha addersses Shankachur that Krishna made her sovereign of all Gopis and she guarantees that Gopis will pay attention to her. Gopis figures how might Radha effectively surrender. Shankachur inquires as to whether Radha is their sovereign and will they acknowledge her choice. Gopis concur and say they will heed Radha’s guidance.

Balram requests that Radha think once prior to going with any choice. Radha says that is the best way to get Gopis back. Devi Parvati inquires as to whether Radha will truly acknowledge that she adores Shankachur and he is the most attractive man in each of the 3 universes. Mahadev says lets stand by and watch.

Radha says she took a choice after much thought and is trusting that Shankachur will visit her. Krishna strolls in and inquires as to whether she doesn’t adore him. Radha stands quiet investigating his eyes. Devi Parvati says its hard for anybody to deny their adoration for Krishna investigating his eyes.

Mahadev says let us check whether Radha will be lost in Krishna’s adoration or will sit tight for Shankachur. Radha figures she can’t get lost at Krishna, says she will head off to some place else and hang tight for Krishna. Rukmini says they can’t let her be. Radha demands them to let her be and leaves.

Shankachur prepares to meet Radha and figures he will give an extraordinary gift to Radha and cause her to feel exceptional and actually a sovereign. He supposes on the off chance that Radha truly falls in his affection subsequent to tolerating his gift, he will propose her to wed him.

Rishi Shankracharya arises and cautions him to be cautious as Radha is honest and would effectively free Gopis, however Krishna is exceptionally smart and wouldn’t allow that to occur. Shankachur asks how will he respond. Shankracharya says Krishna can entrance Radha with his eyes, so Shankachur ought to ensure Krishna isn’t around Radha when he meets her. Shankachur says he will watch out.

Balram stands up to Krishna and inquires as to why his rest is a higher priority than Radha and why he is allowing Radha to put her life in extreme danger by visiting Shankachur. Krishna says he can’t express anything right now and lets see what Radha does. Radha sits tight for Shankachur close to Krishna’s swing and lays on it. She reviews the quality time enjoyed with Krishna on it and finds Krishna swinging the swing.

She asks him what is he doing here as opposed to getting back to Dwarka. Krishna inquires as to whether he turned into a more unusual that she would rather not share her trial with him. Radha asks him not think so and lays on Krishna’s shoulder. She says she needs to let him know something and he shouldn’t prevent her from doing as such. Krishna says let us rest first for quite a while. She concurs and lays on his shoulder once more.

Shankachur arrives at there and flies off the handle seeing that. He asks how might she be with Krishna when she welcomed him. Radha says they can chat in presence of Krishna. Shankachur gives her a gift. Radha believes on the off chance that she doesn’t acknowledge his gift, he won’t extra Gopis. She acknowledges his gift and asks are Gopis as Krishna neglected to find them. Shankachur says he will tell her Gopis’ area of she and Gopis acknowledge that they love him and not Krishna.

Precap: Radha goes with Shankachur to his sanctum. Krishna arrives at there and says he did a serious mix-up by bringing Radha here, presently he needs to confront his resentment.

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