Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 13th January 2022 Written Update:

Gehna demands Anant to pay attention to her once. Anant says she broke his trust, it would have been exceptional on the off chance that she had broken their relationship as relationship can be refixed however distrust. Tia demands Anant to pay attention to Gehna once. Kanak lets Gehna know that her confirmation won’t demonstrate her right. Bapuji cautions her to quiet down and requests that Gehna show the confirmation.

Gehna calls Dr. Abhay and demands him to illuminate her family he is treating her and she didn’t recruit some other specialist to counterfeit her report. Abhay tells Anant that Gehna is his patient and maintained her treatment mystery to give him an amazement, she adores him hugely. Gehna loosens up hearing that. Abhay further says in the event that her pone speaker is off, did her family look into their issue.

Rasika grabs telephone and says her wrongdoing is out. Abhay figures he will get his Kajal at any expense. Anant lets Gehna know that he is burnt out on her falsehoods. Gehna gets forceful, breaks water bottle, and undermines Kanak to tell truth. Hema yells to save Kanak from Gehna. Kanak argues to save her and her child. Family gets Gehna and secures her.

Anant with Bapuji and Sapan shifts Gehna to a clinic where a specialist treats her and says she got a fit of anxiety and ought to be held under perception. Gehna awakens and freezes seriously seeing herself in a medical clinic. Specialist lets Anant know that he played out Gehna’s tests and she is by all accounts either taking some medication or under mental injury. Anant illuminates that they lost their child as of late.

Specialist proposes a mental treatment for Gehna and moving her to a mental medical services office. Gehna gets strained hearing that. Anant says he can’t send her to a medical services office. Sapan says they need to see whether Gehna has tension, gloom, or PTSD. Anant says he needs Gehna to be treated at home. Nurture illuminates that Gehna isn’t in her room. Gehna is seen on patio attempting to end it all.

Kanak’s manikin specialist treats her and lets Pankaj know that both her and her child are fine. Kanak goes about as apprehensive and says she didn’t realize Gehna would hurt her. Pankaj goes to see off specialist. Hema brings milk for her. Kanak requests that she press her legs. Baa and Rasika stroll in. Kanak proceeds with her acting. Rasika says Gehna wold have killed Kanak today. Baa requests that she rest and leaves. Hema mumbles assuming Gehna is truly having an unsanctioned romance with her PCP. Kanak says for what reason would it be advisable for them they trouble.

Anant hurries to Gehna and solicitations her to get down Gehna demands not to accept anybody as they are generally lying and don’t send her to mental emergency clinic. Anant guarantees and demands her to get down. Gehna gets down and embraces him firmly inwardly. Nurture infuses her from behind and makes her nod off. Bapuji advises Anant its better to send Gehna to medical care office for her advancement. Anant concurs. They return back home. Kanak shouts that Gehna killed her own child and should be in medical services office. Bapuji cautions her not to say that.

Anant stressed for Gehna attempts to pass on to see whether Gehna had food or not. Baa stops her and says its great that Gehna went out, she won’t let her return back. Krishna asks how might she say that to her bahu. Baa says Gehna deceived her better half and is having an unsanctioned romance with a specialist. Bapuji cautions her to stop.

Baa yells back she won’t stop and orders Anant that Gehna’s story from this house has finished and she is dead for everybody, so he ought to fail to remember Gehna and continue on. Anant says its unrealistic, he will go to Gehna. Baa takes steps to play out her shraad/last freedoms and he will see her dead face in the event that he goes. Anant stops and argues her not to say that. Kanak and Hema smile seeing that.

Abhay masked as mental medical services office specialist visits Gehna and sends attendants out to play out her exam. Gehna subliminally mumbles Anantji. Abhay breaks her mangalsutra irately and inquires as to why not Abhay, then, at that point, quiet down and says she is a lady who lives for other people and can forfeit herself, he cherishes her for her equivalent characteristics, she will have another existence with him as Kanak and thus Gehna needs to pass on. He picks electric shock machine and figures this treatment will delete Gehna’s recollections and she will take just his name and not Anant’s.

Precap :Gehna neglects to recognize Anant.Anant inquires as to for what reason did she change her dress, hairdo, and mangalsutra. Gehna asks who is he. He says he is her significant other. She says her significant other is another person.

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