Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 12th January 2022 Written Update:

Kanak thinks on the off chance that Gehna went to center briefly assessment or treatment. Hema says no one is confiding in her by any means. Kanak reproves her to stop her theatrics and says assuming Gehna discovers that she can get pregnant, she will face a specialist who gave her off-base report and will send him to imprison. Hema says Kanak will go to prison once more. Kanak says her arrangement can’t fizzle, she will obliterate Gehna’s expectation before she gets pregnant again and will demolish her life tomorrow.

Gehna gets back and feels invigorated seeing Baa with others getting ready sesame jaggery/till gud laddu for makar sankranti celebration. Rasika as expected beginnings hollering at her. Bapuji requests that she stop. Baa inquires as to why he quiets down consistently, truth can’t be covered up and comes out without a doubt.

Bapuji spoils Gehna and illuminates her that Anant has left station and will bring tomorrow back. Gehna strolls to her room and blows up reasoning how could Anant do without illuminating her. She calls him. Anant rejects her cancel and switches telephone, driving her more crazy and breaking thinks around.

Krishna enters and inquires as to why she is so furious, she can’t be his cuckoo. She requests that he go out. He says he was out for at some point and wasn’t around to help her. She powerfully pushes him out. He hits his head to an entryway and gets harmed. Tia sees that and removes him.

Sapan medical caretakers Krishna’s physical issue and says its a straightforward physical issue and will be fine soon. Baa says she can’t endure Gehna’s babble any longer and henceforth she should take off from this house. Kanak gets cheerful hearing that. Tia says they can’t drive her bhabhi to go.

Sapan says Gehna should get going through PTSD (posttraumatic stress issue) which occurs after an individual goes through a major mental injury, so they should uphold Gehna all things being equal and recruit a specialist for her. Bapuji says thanks to him for understanding his point.

Rasika inquires as to whether Gehna has gone frantic. Sapan says anybody can visit a therapist in any event, for their little issues. Tia asks Rasika not to overstate the issue. Krishna says Gehna will feel great tomorrow during makar sankranti celebration festivity.

Following day, Gehna appreciates celebration with Tia, Krishna, and others. Bapuji feels glad seeing her cheerful. Hema asks Kanak what is her next arrangement. Kanak stuffs till gud laddu in her mouth and asks her to simply appreciate it and not worry about her arrangement. Gehna trusts that Anant will get back to give him uplifting news that she can get pregnant once more.

She sees Anant’s vehicle entering home and gets down to him cheerfully. Anant still irate on her disregards her. She holds his hand and says she realizes he is irate on her for concealing things, she needed to astonish him. He says shock or shock once more. She says they can become guardians once more, will that be an astonishment or shock for him.

He inquires as to whether she is kidding. She says she isn’t and was seeking treatment furtively. He says she will be rebuffed for concealing such a major mystery and cheerfully lifts her up. Family strolls down. Baa says she heard everything. Bapuji says this uplifting news has expanded his bliss and requires a twofold festival. Gehna escapes creative mind when she hears Kanak bouncing while at the same time flying kite. Baa chastens her to be cautious as she is pregnant. Rasika remarks once more.

Gehna surges down seeing Anant getting back. Anant disregards her. She holds his hand and apologizes him for concealing mystery. He says he isn’t keen on her mysteries and leaves, baffling her. Kanak lets Hema know that there is a dhamaka hanging tight for Gehna. Her employed phony specialist strolls in.

Baa asks specialist why is he here. Kanak says she called him here to demonstrate that Gehna is off-base and says she went to clinic and discovered that Gehna cut short her child as well as gave gigantic pay off to specialist to get ready phony reports that she can’t get pregnant once more. Gehna blows up hearing that.

Anant holds her hand. Specialist lies that Gehna paid off him to plan counterfeit reports as she would rather not become a mother. Gehna indignantly junks counterfeit specialist. Anant stops her. Hema says she previously let them know that she saw Gehna with a man. Rasika lets Anant know that his significant other is engaging in extramarital relations. Gehna says specialist is lying. Specialist denies.

Baa yells for what reason would everybody lie against her Gehna says they all are envious of her and lets Anant know that she cherishes just him. He give his promise and requests to illuminate assuming she realized that she can get pregnant once more. She says OK yet. He yells he would rather not’ listen anything. Kanak smiles seeing that.

Precap :Gehna takes steps to end it all assuming Anant sends her away from him. He says he will not and gets her down. Medical attendants infuses her a narcotic and removes her.

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