Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Abhi getting back. Manish requests that Aarohi say. Akshu slowly inhales. Mahima says you got it done, she is steady. Abhi sits crying. Cruel says she is fine. Kairav says thanks to Lord. Neil embraces him.

Aarohi embraces Kairav. They cry. Brutal thinks I wish Akshu remains fine, don’t have the foggiest idea when she will move away from my child and family. Mahima requests that Abhi go, she will get Akshu moved to ward. Unforgiving says she will be moved to ward soon, come. Aarohi says I will remain here. Unforgiving requests that she come. Abhi cries reviewing Akshu. Aarohi gets Dadi’s call. She goes.

Kairav inquires as to for what reason did Abhi do this activity, we realize that specialists don’t work on those they love, I mean friends and family, for what reason did he do this activity, Aarohi is likewise a specialist, did you see her state.

Mahima comes and says you say right, its said that specialists don’t work on family, however it’s anything but a standard, Abhi is a decent specialist, we ought to be content that he is family, Abhi has saved Akshu’s life, that is reality, deal with her, we are moving her to ward, you can meet her. Aarohi thinks Akshu is fine, all will be well. Abhi supplicates. He longs for Akshu consuming and yells. He cries and supplicates.

He says its fine assuming she isn’t in my destiny, yet she ought to be protected, alive and glad, I will remain cheerful seeing her cheerful, nothing ought to happen to her and her voice, in the event that anything happens to Akshu, then, at that point, I will ask your response. He keeps his hand on the diya.

Aarohi’s name gets eradicated. He turns and sees Akshu. He goes to hold her hand. He deals with her. Jaaniye… plays… Neil looks on. Aarohi, Manish and Kairav are coming to the room. Neil says Lord should show the reality of their adoration to everybody, Abhi can’t remain without Akshu.

Abhi requests that Akshu see her nails. Neil says he can’t see her messed up nail, its his genuine romance, I wish everybody gets such love, join them. Abhi says I will get pain reliever. Manish comes in. Abhi says she is better. He goes. Neil stops Abhi. Abhi says I reserve a privilege to deal with her. Neil asks by what right will you go to her, show your right then, at that point.

Aarohi says Akshu is out of risk. Dadi says thanks to Lord. Suwarna says deal with her. Aarohi says OK, we are with her. Kairav figures I can’t see my sisters in torment. Aarohi says Akshu will get cognizant till morning, I will remain here to screen. Mahima says no, I m here, return home. Aarohi says I will remain.

Mahima says no, she is in basic consideration, you need to go. Manish says we won’t return home. Aarohi says if it’s not too much trouble, let us stay. Mahima says you don’t comprehend, her vocal lines are impacted, don’t make her discussion. She sends them. She says there is another explanation, Abhi ought to be with Akshu now. Abhi comes and asks where did everybody go. She says I have sent them, she really wants a specialist, will I stay or will you stay.

He says I will remain. She says fine, call me assuming you really want assistance. She goes. Abhi holds Akshu’s hand. Maine socha bhi na tha… ..plays… . Aarohi sees Akshu’s pic and gets tragic. Abhi says another person’s name couldn’t remain on my hand, for what reason do you need me to wed another person, for what reason would we be able to join together. He cries. She opens eyes and says you…

Precap :Akshu asks Aarohi the response. Neil says well done, you will get hitched tomorrow. Aarohi says I will give the test. Akshu figures one wrong choice will entangle three lives.

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