Pandya Store 13th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Krish’s companion coming to Suman and telling everything. Suman cries and says Dhara’s kid dream broke indeed, Prafulla and Anita did this. She calls Prafulla.

Prafulla is clearing the floor. She accepts the call. Suman reproves her. She says you and Anita took Dhara’s child, how might Anita attempt to get somebody’s child in her belly. Prafulla gets stunned. She says stop it currently, don’t say hogwash.

Suman says Anita is at the emergency clinic, you know nothing. Prafulla asks what. Suman says don’t do a show, Anita is getting Dhara’s child in her belly, I will rebuff you both. Prafulla stresses and says Anita is distraught for Gautam, I need to go there and handle the matter, else Suman will kill Anita. Suman says sufficient now, I will consume Anita in this fire.

Shiva says you are additionally involved, how might you fall so low, I had an uncertainty on you both, however I didn’t realize Raavi will do this. Rishita is leaving. Sagar comes. He says you leave early. She says I know, I have a crisis, I will accomplish the work around evening time and send you, I truly need to go. She goes. He grins.

Kamini requests that Kirti purchase garments for Rishita additionally, she is so disturbed, new garments will make her temperament new. Kirti says sure. Kamini thinks now nobody will question me that I was with Anita at the clinic. Shiva says you generally need awful for us, I will kill you. Raavi says leave her. Anita runs. Shiva pursues her. Dhara cries.

Suman comes to Gautam. Gautam asks why is she here. She says I need to see Dhara first, Anita and Prafulla did this, I won’t leave them. He says Dhara isn’t replying, I will get her, return home. She denies. Gautam requests that Mohit take her home. Mohit says she isn’t tuning in, how will I respond.

Suman says I will not go, take me there, I will beat Anita. Watch says settle the battle at home, go. Gautam says my family is stuck inside, I will head inside. Monitor says relax, there is no fire, simply smoke. Gautam and Suman head inside. Monitor stops them. Gautam says my family is stuck. Prafulla comes and says Suman called me here to get me consumed. She sees Suman. Suman and Prafulla contend.

Suman says Kamini, you and Anita broke Dhara’s fantasy. Anita yells for help. She comes running. Everybody looks on. Shiva says I will kill you.

Gautam requests that Shiva stop. Shiva gets Anita. Prafulla tosses a jug at Shiva’s hand. Shiva says you fouled up with Dhara. Rishita comes. Everybody attempts to stop Shiva. Raavi says leave her, else I will call the police. Prafulla says make a video of him.

Shiva says she fouled up with Dhara, leave me. Prafulla makes a video. Shiva says leave me Gautam. He pushes Gautam and Krish. Krish asks Gautam are you fine. Shiva goes to Anita. Shiva trims Anita’s hair. Everybody gets stunned.

Precap :Police comes. Prafulla says Shiva has trimmed Anita’s hair. Overseer slaps Shiva. Shiva gets captured.

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