Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th January 2022 Written Update:

Rudra lets Roohi know that he is going from Rothak as his errand here has completed here and the one whom he was looking isn’t found. She requests that he stay back for her as she can’t live without him.

He cries embracing her and recollects their holding. O Re Chiraiya.. tune plays behind the scenes. Preesha gets enthusiastic seeing them embracing and afterward taking care of food to one another. Roohi demands him again to remain back. He says he wants to go. Preesha asks god for what good reason is he doing this.

Yuvraj visits mukhiya and illuminates him that Rudra is in Rothak and Roohi is concealing him in store room. Mukhiya chuckles and says its an old news and cautions him to get out. Yuvraj says he just saw him in store room at some point prior.

Mukhiya looks for proof. Yuvraj figures he should get Rudra out of store room some way or another or click his photograph and show it to mukhiya. His telephone tumbles down and breaks. He considers purchasing another telephone tomorrow and clicking Rudra’s pic.

Next morning, Rudra composes a sincere letter to Roohi recalling their more joyful minutes and her solicitation to remain back with her. Bunty strolls to him and says let us go. He envisions Roohi strolling to him, then, at that point, understands its his creative mind, and leaves with Bunty. Roohi visits him late and feels tragic that he left without illuminating her. She finds his letter and peruses it that he will always remember her, she ought to be content generally with her mamma. She gets back and cries embracing Preesha.

Preesha understands that Bunty satisfied his guarantee and took Rudra along, feels dismal that she was unable to join Roohi with her father. Roohi says she really wants to go and flees. Rudra’s letter tumbles down. Preesha understands it and feels more dismal that she is getting Rudra far from his girl, yet he is doing it for both of their advantage; he should deal with himself and be glad generally.

Rudra figures he can never be glad and recollects his more joyful minutes with Roohi. He figures he should meet her once prior to leaving, requests that Bunty stop vehicle and runs out. Bunty stops him and asks where is he going. Rudra says Roohi should be crying, he wants to meet her once. Bunty says there is a great deal of hazard in it.

He says he couldn’t care less and flees. Roohi likewise runs looking through him. Saransh stops him and asks where is she going and for what good reason she is pitiful. Roohi says her bestfriend is going and mamma didn’t get her hubby. Saransh requests that she shut her eyes. She does, sees Rudra, and says she is pitiful in light of the fact that her bestfriend is going; they partook in a great deal. Saransh says she should contact her bestfriend and stop him. She expresses gratitude toward him and runs once more.

Yuvraj goes into store space to click Rudra’s pic and doesn’t track down him there. Preesha strolls in and asks why is he here. Yuvraj says he came here to meet Roohi and gift her a doll as he is sincerely appended to her. Preesha says she can’t stoop low like him and henceforth cautioning him to avoid her and Roohi.

He helps her guarantee to remember returning his 1 lakh rs and requests that she toss 1 lakh all over. She says this is his actual face, he came here for cash and not Roohi. He says its his mockery, he needs her and Roohi and not cash. She says she needn’t bother with his cash and he should avoid Roohi. He says where there is love, there is outrage. He leaves thinking he wants to get Roohi to get Rudra.

Precap :Roohi illuminates Yuvraj that she is looking through her mysterious companion. Yuvraj inquires as to whether its Rudra and goes about as consenting to help her. Preesha calls Bunty and inquires as to whether he removed Rudra. Bunty illuminates that they halted at Roohi’s school. Rudra finds Roohi not at school. Preesha becomes stressed for Roohi.

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