Anupama 13th January 2022 Written Update:

Pakhi communicates her craving to proceed with her further examinations in USA and inquires as to whether she is thinking its hazardous to send desolate young lady to such a far place, working class family can’t manage the cost of costs, and so on Anu says she is simply figuring how might she avoid her Sweetudi. Pakhi happiy embraces her.

Anu says she was remaining in various house wanting to see her Sweetudi every day, except how might she avoid her for such a long time; she is glad that her Sweetudi is taking off like her, yet.. Kavya calls Baa and Bapuji and illuminates them that she is looking through a task from Mumbai and looks for their gifts.

Baa they were recollecting her a little while ago and favors her. Kavya says she cherishes them and realizes she is definitely not an ideal bahu, however needs to change. She additionally demands them address V and persuade him to excuse her. The two of them get genuine hearing that.

Anu advises Pakhi that individuals to go US for higher examinations and exceptional degrees, does she need to go as her companions are going. Pakhi says it’s anything but a little explanation, she truly needs to go. Anu says she isn’t denying her higher examinations, yet what there is no compelling reason to go right now as there are better universities in Inida.

Pakhi says she has as of now chosen. Anu inquires as to whether she chose a school. Pakhi says no, yet she needs openness like Kinjal and Malvika who have meandered an entire world. Anu says she hasn’t chosen a school yet. Pakhi says she would rather not be abandoned in life like her. Anu says she is simply awesome and shouldn’t come close to other people, they saw yesterday what occurs in the event that they analyze themselves.

Pakhi gets more anxious seeing her companion’s message inquiring as to whether she persuaded her folks and requests that Anu persuade dad and Bapuji some way or another. Malvika leaves and inquires as to whether she is going with her to office. Anu says OK.

Baa lets Bapuji know that maide ki katori/Kavya requested that they address Vanraj, however Vanraj isn’t a child to be persuaded. Bapuji gives moral gyaan on nurturing and says they think their obligations are over in the wake of concentrating on kids and getting them hitched, however obligations proceed with entire life.

Baa says assisting Vanraj with succeeding life is additionally their obligation, Vanraj plainly illuminated her not to include him in family issues. Bapuji says relationship isn’t an obstacle yet a string which assists them with soaring like a kite, he feels awful for Kavya as she merits the right as a bahu. Baa says why family acknowledged her as bahu and not Kavya yet. Bapuji says let us talk and see.

Anu with Malvika enters office and is stunned to see Anuj and Vanraj contending. She yells at them to stop. Malvika requests that she unwind and gets into board room where Anuj says he dealt with the gathering great, Vanraj says since he let him handle it. Anu trusts their contention closes here.

Malvika requests that Anu bring boxing gloves for them. Vanraj says Anuj doesn’t confide in him. Anuj says on the off chance that he had not believed them, they wouldn’t have been working under same office. Vanraj says why didn’t he let him have show that day. Anuj apologizes and says he won’t meddle among them and they can maintain their business the manner in which they like. Vanraj expresses gratitude toward him. Malvika inquires as to whether they needn’t bother with boxing gloves now. The two of them chuckle. Anu thinks once Mr Shah quiets down, she will examine with him about Pakhi’s solicitation.

Anuj plans espresso for himself. Anu inquires as to whether Mukku’s senior sibling’s mind-set is fine. He says OK Mukku’s bhabhi/SIL. Anu expenses anxious hearing that. Anuj says he won’t battle once more. She says she will reprimand him assuming he battles once more.

He presents shayari commending her magnificence and says on the off chance that he doesn’t talk like this on new year’s first day, then, at that point, how might he for entire year. Their eyes lock. Tu Shayar Hai Mai Teri Shayari.. melody plays behind the scenes. Malvika sees them and insults singing Tu Shayar hai.. They feels bashful and leave.

Baa offers choc drink to Pakhi and says her mom is correct. Pakhi says even she is right. Baa says in some cases what they think doesn’t occur, even her father wished to review in London’s Oxford University, yet even Dolly’s confirmation in an English school was excessively expensive because of their destitution.

Pakhi inquires as to whether she implies she shouldn’t go to US as they can’t manage the cost of it. Baa says it’s anything but an issue of cash, she ought to grow up first and afterward go to US for higher investigations following 4 years. Pakhi figures they will give same reason following 4 years and won’t allow her to satisfy her fantasy.

Malvika brings rasgulla for Vanraj. Vanraj inquires as to whether she discovered through Anu that he adores rasgulla. She says OK. He inquires as to whether she is fine, he had come yesterday there as Anu and Anuj were not picking his call. She says he came and saw her messed up totally.

He says that circumstance comes in everybody’s day to day existence including him, he will forever uphold her out of luck. She expresses gratitude toward him, says they can be BFF like Anu and Anuj, takes care of him rasgulla cleaning his lips, and giggling with a joke. Anuj moves furious seeing that and leaves. Malvika sees Anu and requests that she have rasgulla. Anu says not her. Malvika goes to take care of Anuj next. Anu anrily gazes at Vanraj.

Precap :Vanraj lets Anu know that he has an expert relationship and a safe place with Malvika and just that. Anu says there shouldn’t be, Mukku crosses her cutoff points once in a while, however he shouldn’t or, more than likely they will be at a similar place where they were a couple of days prior.

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