Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 13th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Nupur saying we will return home at this point. Aai says I have a devil work. She embraces Nupur and Chiku. She says thanks to Chiku. She says I will always remember your approval. Chiku says don’t call it some help, I see how it feels when a mum and a girl move away.

Kamini figures you’re not sure the way that I feel when you both join together. Tai says proof was against Nupur. Aai says truth came out. Kamini says we get strained when its about kids, you can comprehend. Nupur says its alright. The children’s folks apologize to Nupur. Nupur says I can comprehend. Kamini requests that Mini apologize to Nupur.

Small beginnings acting and cries. She says you blow up on me, don’t leave me here. Nupur says quit crying, don’t think so. Kamini says she missed you a ton. Smaller than expected says I was furious previously. Constable requests that Nupur sign the delivery papers and come. Nupur proceeds to sign the papers.

She sees Hira and says well done, you got imprisoned, I m happy that I got you captured, your game is over now, truth doesn’t stow away for long. Hira says you are carrying on with an untruth, you can’t see reality before you, open eyes and see. Nupur asks what truth, tell me. Hira grins.

Nupur gets back home. Smaller than expected requests that she cook something for her. Nupur asks how treat need to eat, tell me. Smaller than expected says you make everything for me. Nupur says I will make your and Chiku’s fav things. She reviews Hira’s words. Smaller than normal says when you are finished with cooking, get me to my room, I can’t stay here. She goes.

Chiku says I will help you in cooking, you are awesome. Nupur grins. Chiku requests that she make it with a decent heart. They make food. Aai comes and apologizes to Nupur. Nupur says its OK, I m not irate on you. Aai says I m truly heartbroken. Nupur says it was Chiku’s endeavor that she brought reality out. Aai says she helped out on us.

Its evening, Milind says Hira is delivering retribution by playing mind games. Nupur says she deceived us when we met her, I didn’t completely accept that her, I could see her falsehood, yet this time, I could feel that she said reality, there is something. He appeases her. He says law will rebuff Hira. Its morning, everybody feasts.

Tai asks where did Nupur go in the first part of the day, there are numerous things to go, she is thoughtless. Milind says I will prepare the children for school. Milind goes to tie Mini’s hair. Tai snickers. Small scale says I look so entertaining, everybody will giggle on me. Chiku says tie my hair, I will let everybody know that you tied my hair and I loved it. Milind says OK. He brushes her hair and ties them up. She expresses gratitude toward him.

Aai asks where did Nupur go. He says she went to meet Hira. Kamini says she went to welcome issues. She becomes furious. Aai inquires as to for what reason did she go. Chiku says we will go to her. He stresses. Hira contends with the constable. Constable goes to slap her. Nupur comes and stops her. Hira grins. Nupur says I need to converse with her. Constable requests that Hira say thanks to Nupur. Hira says I realized you will come, I realize who are Chiku’s genuine guardians. Nupur asks who are they. Hira says I will tell you, however I have a condition, get me out of here, do you concur.

Precap :Nupur says Chiku helped us a ton, we ought to likewise think that she is genuine guardians and get her privileges. She converses with family. She meets Hira and says I can effectively observe Chiku’s genuine family, I will make you escape.

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