Anupama 12th January 2022 Written Update:

Anupama acting stressed tells Malvika she should come and see what her sibling did and takes her to a recreation area where Anuj with Shah family and other park guests moves on Chakde Saare Gham.. tune to perk her up.

Malvika brightens up and apologizes shahs for ruining their new year celebration. Bapuji says they start new year in the first part of the day. Baa and Pakhi says they could party well early morning on account of her. Vanraj says she ought to forget the past and start new year anew. Anu says it holds great for even Anuj and gives her extended moral gyan.

Bapuji says she should observe joy in insignificant things as they do failing to remember her past. Baa says they are there to push her front and says they can feel bliss in either pooja or going on a London excursion, Bapuji says in cream roll, Mamaji jokes recollecting Rakhi. Entire group wishes cheerful new year.

Samar sees Pakhi addressing somebody dubiously and asks whom she is addressing. Pakhi says its nothing of him should be worrying about. Samar says she has done as such many missteps that he doesn’t need family in a tough situation due to her. Their contention begins. Baa stops them and requests that them take cookout sacks and arrive at park.

The two of them leave. Baa feels concerned seeing their battle at the beginning of new year. Shah and Kapadia families party at a recreation area. Anu inquires as to whether Rakhi’s wellbeing is fine as Kinjal left stressed. Toshu says Rakhi and her significant other’s wellbeing crumbled abruptly, so Kinjal left to meet her. Anu takes care of her 3 kids and afterward the most youthful Bapuji and GK.

Anuj illuminates that celebrating toward the beginning of the day was Anu’s thought as she missed celebrating with them the previous evening. Everybody express gratitude toward Anu. Malvika expresses gratitude toward Anu for encouraging her the previous evening and perk her up in the first part of the day. Anu begins her moral gyaan again and says 365 days of a year resembles a 365 page book, they ought to compose a sonnet, love, and bliss in it, taking a gander at Anuj.

Anu then, at that point, powers Anuj to complete his organic product breakfast on schedule. Anuj says he is putting on weight after her entrance in his life and she is getting more fit all things considered. She jokes. She then, at that point, sees Malvika perking up with Shah family and tells Anuj that Mukku might get a fit of anxiety once more, thus they should take her to a decent specialist.

Anupama 11th January 2022 Written Update:

The two of them talk about the fantasies associated with psychological wellness in their general public and ways of checking it. Pakhi addresses somebody over telephone again and says she will illuminate family today. Anuj acclaims Anuj’s reasoning and says she is cool. She says even he is cool. He thinks anyway he will be, he is hers. She sprinkles orange strip in his eyes. He does same.

Vanraj requests that they grow up now and asks Anuj office entryway’s code as he has a gathering with Dheeraj Patel. Anuj says even he will go with him as Dheeraj is a difficult one to figure out. Vanraj says he knows how to deal with it. Anuj says he was simply making a difference. Vanraj says he gives assistance and doesn’t take it.

Anuj says not so much for his, but rather Mukku’s assistance and inquires as to whether he can come now or not. Vanraj concurs. Anu gets strained and says even she will go with them. Anuj requests that she appreciate with family and leaves with Vanraj. Anu thinks at whatever point they are together, she fears something wrong will occur.

Back home, Baa and Bapuji examine that Kavya has gone to Mumbai to get a new line of work there. Bapuji blows up on Vanraj and says he separated from Anu and wedded Kavya and needs to leave her inside a year demolishing his glad wedded life once more. Baa reminds Kavya’s offenses. Bapuji says Kavya isn’t awful, she fouled up in dread as a result of Vanraj as he was unable to feel her protected. Baa inquires as to whether he implies Kavya is right on the money.

Bapuji says Vanraj committed numerous errors and when they support him over and again, why not Kavya; she shouldn’t fail to remember that Kavya is their bahu. Baa says she isn’t denying it, they consider her as bahu, however Vanraj doesn’t think about her as spouse. Bapuji says that is the issue, Vanraj didn’t adore Anu whom he considered as spouse and doesn’t thinks about Kavya as wife whom he cherished. Pakhi approaches Anu and says she wants to go to US for higher examinations as the entirety of her companions are going, so she ought to persuade Bapuji and father.

Precap :Anuj blows up seeing Malvika and Anuj’s developing vicinity and says Vanraj doesn’t have the foggiest idea about his work. Vanraj says shut up. Anuj furiously answers you shut up and get lost.

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