Pandya Store 12th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Shiva and Raavi hearing Kamini’s arrangement. They get stunned. Shiva says its me, would you be able to hear me. Kamini disengages. He says you distinguished me right, I will make a devastation, perceive how the whole family breaks. She calls Rishita. She says Kirti, we need to continue shopping.

Rishita says you called me unintentionally. Kamini says goodness, we are sitting tight for Kirti, I will converse with you later, Kalyani and I need to go for shopping. She closes call. Everybody runs. Gautam says Suman never pays attention to me. Shiva chides Raavi. Nurture comes and requests that Raavi give Dhara the drugs. Shiva actually looks at the document. Raavi reviews.

Shiva asks what’s this show, you and your sister are arranging something. She says I don’t comprehend. He says something occurs here, your sister had Dhara’s document, she is gone now, I will see her.

Anita says I will become mum of Gautam’s child right. Specialist says OK, the child is valuable, you must be cautious during the pregnancy. Shiva comes and hears this. He sees the compartment. He yells stop, she isn’t Dhara. Anita says everybody knows it, my activity will occur, go out.

Shiva asks why is this holder here. Raavi asks what is this, you came to eliminate the blister. Anita says I know nothing, I came here for my activity. She grabs the compartment. Shiva requests that she leave it. Raavi says Anita is sick, leave it. Shiva says then, at that point, request that she leave it. Dev asks Kaka where are Shiva and Gautam. Kaka says Gautam went to emergency clinic with Dhara,

Shiva ran on Suman’s call. Dev says I will call him, he isn’t replying. Kaka says relax, all of you will become Chacha. Gautam, Dhara and Krish come to the OT. Dhara says that is my incipient organism holder. Anita figures I won’t allow anybody to get this child. She requests that Shiva keep the compartment. The compartment falls and opens up. The incipient organism tumbles off. Everybody gets stunned.

Anita asks Shiva how did you respond, you can’t deal with a thing. Shiva says you are gone today. Monitor comes and requests that they leave. Dhara cries. Shiva says Dhara’s fantasy penniless as a result of you, you did this purposefully, right, you are gone at this point. Raavi stops him. Anita runs out. Dhara reviews Anita’s words. She becomes furious. She slaps Anita. She inquires as to for what reason did you do this, you broke my fantasy.

Pandya Store 11th January 2022 Written Update:

Anita says I sat idle, its Shiva’s error, I was finishing my activity here, I don’t have a clue how the holder came here, you think I m lying, Raavi was likewise here, ask her, medical caretaker can commit an error, how did I respond. Anita says either think I m blameless, or that Raavi is with me. Shiva says I knew it, you are likewise engaged with it, you don’t need Dhara to imagine, how might you fall so low.

Precap :Shiva pursues Anita. Everybody looks on. He goes to assault her.

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