Ghar Ek Mandir 12th January 2022 Written Update:

Varun added mushroom to lunch and Sandy being susceptible to it, Varun rapidly requests that Genda get medication, and takes off Sandy’s shoes and gives her medication’s, Sandy feels much improved, Varun chastens her says when you realize you are hypersensitive to mushroom for what reason did you eat it, Genda says I constrained her to eat, its not her shortcoming. Sandy says no its not, I ought to have been more cautious. Varun leaves the room.

Genda strolls to Varun and asks how would you realize Sandy is oversensitive to mushroom, Varun says Nisha bhabhi had referenced, Genda says she didn’t and it seemed as though she got to know now, Varun says you know how bhabhi is at any rate I need to go and thinks sorry to lie Genda and its great ots in past.

Genda asks Sandy is she fine, Sandy says I’m great, Genda says go change, I will give you my garments, Sandy says its fine, I have requested garments on the web, Genda says mean time you wear mine and call your folks they should be concerned, and gives her telephone.

Sandy’s folks track down her letter and are annoyed with her step, her mom says lets ask Nisha might be she is with her, her dad says for what reason will she be with Nisha, we haven’t met her previous 2 years and Sandy doesn’t have the foggiest idea about her location.

Sandy says to Genda she will spruce up and afterward call.
Varun leaving, sees he has failed to remember wallet and goes to get it.

He strolls inside his room and sees Genda and shuts the entryway, and snatches Genda and embraces her and says give me my wallet. Sandy says its me and not Genda, Varun in shock. Varun expresses what are you doing Genda’s garments, Sandy says I didn’t have anything to wear thus Genda lended me her garments.

Nisha gets call from, Rajni Chachi Sandy’s mother. Nisha asks whats wrong for what reason are you crying, Rajni says Sandy fled, is she close to you, Sandy observes something is off-putting and says I will call you later, Shivam needs me.

Varun says Sandhya look it doesn’t matter at all to me why and how you are here, I don’t need my past to demolish my present, so if it’s not too much trouble, leave. Sandy says I can perceive how cheerful you are seeing Genda and in the event that I didn’t have mushroom unintentionally I would have left, Varun says you as of now aren’t there for me. Nisha searching for Sandy.

Sandy says I’m glad for you Varun, to see you continued on and settled and don’t stress I won’t tell anybody we had a past, we had something, Nisha hears everything and thinks what past, what did they have.

Rajni calls Nisha again for affirming about Sandy, Nisha says I will tell you once I find, however she isn’t hanging around without a doubt and figures I won’t tell anybody Sandy is here, until I observe why Sandy is here and what she had with Varun and will utilize the present party to see that as

Genda and Varun’s marriage commemoration festivity, Manish requests that Varun and Genda sing. Varun and Genda sing together and dance. Manish says presently lets dance and everybody moves together, Genda requests that Sandy go along with them, Sandy and Genda dance together, Varun feels off-kilter. Sandy strolls to Varun and says you are very much like previously, honest, quiet, and when I was with you, I had transformed you and you were so outgoing person and occurring and presently I see you are back to quiet and loner and on the off chance that I was still with you, you would be carrying on with an everyday routine and not experiencing a drag life.

Anuradha and everybody at supper table, Anuradha requests that Nisha and Genda sit and she will serve everybody, Nisha says Varun your new watch is exceptionally great, Varun says Genda gifted it, Anuradha asks Kundan what gift he is giving, Kundan says I will give gift tomorrow in shop and there is pooja likewise and Sandy you go along with us too in pooja, Sandy says I leave tomorrow, Nisha says not done, you have visited after so long and its unique day for Varun, Sandy says I need to go, Nisha says you will not pay attention to me, Varun bhaiya you request that she stay, Varun says everybody is mentioning kindly stay and station is near shop, you can leave after pooja.

Genda says Sandy however remember to stop objection for you sack, might be we get it back, Sandy says once we lose something we don’t get it back, Genda says yet how might we leave, atleast attempt to get it, right Varun, Nisha says Genda is correct, assuming you need something battle for it, right Varun. Anuradha says Genda has demonstrated it purchase battling for our notoriety and shop, Kundan says Genda is our girl and we are fortunate to have her

Varun in his room, Genda sees him pushed and asks whats wrong, Varun doesn’t says anything, Genda says it seems as though you are concealing something.

Precap :Nisha asks Sandy for what reason she ran awayVarun gets furious about Genda for asking what’s up repeatedly.Nisha sees Sandy’s tattoo and asks is it V for Varun, Sandy requests that she not tell anybody anything.

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