Ghar Ek Mandir 11th January 2022 Written Update:

Sandy picks Gendas mangalsutra however bikers attempt take it again yet take Sandy’s sack and Sandy going to slip, Genda holds her, Sandy says here your accessory, Genda says yet they took your pack, Sandy says my pack had my telephone and had address subtleties, presently I don’t have the foggiest idea where to go,

Genda says I’m so sorry you have harmed your hand and furthermore lost telephone, Sandy says I’m eager to assist you, Genda acquaints herself and offers her with return home, Sandy says I will oversee you don’t have any acquaintance with me, Genda says you didn’t know me either prior to aiding me, Sandy says trust me I will make due, I prefer not to trouble others, take care I will make due.

Varun enhances entire house and calls Genda, Genda says I’m just external the house, Varun bows on her feet with bouquet and card, he showers roses and sees Sandy under it. ( Genda powers Sandy to accompany her and let her assistance, Sandy concurs).

Varun and Sandy stunned seeing one another, both in tears stroll to one another. Varun and Sandy going to embrace, Genda says do both of you know one another. Sandy says OK let her know if we know one another. Varun bungles, Sandy beginnings snickering and says how can you talk amusing, tell her. Genda says how would you know Sandhya,

Sandy says its Sandy, Sandy says OK let your better half know who am I, where we met, how we met, shout out. Varun says Genda, Sandy alright quiet down I will tell her, we are Nisha’s long far off family member, she remains here right. Sandy says let me meet her,

Genda says she isn’t home, Sandy says alright and me and Varun met in family work and what a happenstance, where I landed, Genda says great you showed up at your cousins place. Varun says OK she is cousin to Nisha bhabhi, Varun asks Sandy how could you come, Sandy says Genda will tell that, Genda tells entire situation.

Varun says alright, here I got you gifts, cheerful commemoration.
Sandy says wow its your commemoration, I shouldn’t have come then, at that point, glad commemoration, Genda says thank you and you are invited here, come gives up inside

Genda says Varun you have designed so all things considered, so I acknowledge my loss, Sandy says she is correct, and I will disappear. Genda says Varun request that she stay, Varun says Sandy, Genda is demanding kindly stay, and both of you talk I will be back. Genda says come I will help you bandaid.

Genda assists Sandy with her injury, Sandy says Genda its hazardous to get outsiders home, they may take something, Genda says assuming its unsafe helping other people, for what reason would you help and I have Maharaji who deals with me, presently you rest and till then others will likewise return.

Sandy thinks Genda is so sweet, how can Varun handle it.

Varun strolls in his room with lunch for Genda and sees Sandy, Genda strolls in with medication, Genda tells Varun, its smelling delectable, what is in it, Varun says same what you add day by day, all the adoration. Genda grins and says Sandy here is your medication and I will get you food and we will eat together, Varun says it’s simply this much I had uniquely cooked for you, Genda says no concerns we will share. Genda gives some food from her plate to Sandy and requests that Varun go along with them. Genda and Sandy have a nibble. Genda says Varun this is extremely delicious, right Sandy, Sandy says OK.

Genda gives Varun his gift, Varun opens it, and glad to see the watch and says its equivalent watch I preferred, Genda grins, Varun says thank you and kisses her brow. Nisha strolls in and says Sandhya you here. Sandy goes embrace her, Nisha asks why you here, And how are you, Sandy says great overall. Kundan,

Anuradha, Manish stroll in, all welcome Sandy and welcome her. Genda tells how Sandy aided her thus she got him home. Kundan says Genda I asked you not to go out, Genda says I needed to purchase present for Varun. Kundan expresses gratitude toward Sandy, Sandy says I assisted Genda and I with meeting all of you yet lost my pack. Anuradha says its goof both of you are fine.

Nisha says Sandy I’m glad to see you here and how could you come here, Sandy says you know I’m unusual, Sandy beginnings hacking. Everybody races to Sandy seeing her breakdown. Kundan requests that Manish call specialist, Sandy unfit to inhale, she holds Varun’s hand, Nisha says Varun pick Sandy lets take her to my room, Varun takes Sandy to Nisha’s room, Sandy holding Varun’s hand, everybody strolls in, Genda gets water. Varun sees Sandy not feeling any better.

Precap :Varun says for what reason did you eat mushroom assuming you are unfavorably susceptible, Genda says why shout at her it was my slip-up. Varun leaves the room.Genda asks Varun how can he have any familiarity with Sandy’s sensitivity.

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