Imlie 13th January 2022 Written Update:

Aryan quests Imlie and holds her hand. She asks what’s happening with he. He shows covers and says they are dance accomplices. She says she would rather not dance now. He says she needs to. She says then she will go at the present time.

He holds her back and says even he isn’t intrigued to hit the dance floor with her, however he won’t let her concern for her ex and won’t let her ruin his party and subsequently she ought to quiet down and wear the cover as everybody’s eyes are on dance floor.

He fixes veil all over and hits the dance floor with her with Shiddath Banaloon Tujhe.. tune playing behind the scenes. The two of them envision moving performance enthusiastically. After dance, she liberates herself and leaves leaving him mournful.

Imlie then, at that point, calls Mithi and illuminates that Aditya isn’t reacting after meeting and she is stressed for him. Meethi surges towards Aditya’s place. A man strolls to intoxicated Aditya and trades his headphone. He flees seeing Meethi coming. Meethi seeing Adi intoxicated and mumbling Imlie’s name inquires as to why he isolated from Imlie when he adores her so much and assists her with arriving at his guesthouse.

Anu sees Malini strained and requests that she unwind as Adi is in Pagdandiya/PGD and worker Imlie is here. Malini says Imlie unquestionably should be attempting to contact Adi and may visit PGD in the event that he doesn’t react, then, at that point, it’s not possible for anyone to prevent them from rejoining. She calls Aditya and gets dampened when he doesn’t pick call. Anu guarantees her that worker Imlie won’t converse with Aditya.

Imlie attempts to consider Adi when Aryan pulls her portable. She turns and injuries her neck and hollers at him not surprisingly. He inquires as to whether its tormenting, he will call a specialist. She says they bend their neck two times to mitigate sprain and demands him to get it done.

He concurs however feels apprehensive dreading she will get injured. She says he generally offers her a decent guidance and can never harmed her, so he should hold her neck and curve it two times. He does. She tumbles down. He becomes stressed and thinks assuming he ought to have said Jai Seeta Maiya. She snickers and says she was kidding.

He sees her getting a call from PGD and says she is doing an error once more. She says she has seen Aditya filling sindhoor in Malini’s hairline and endured it, she wants time to receive in return. He says she shouldn’t expect much from a 35-year-elderly person who is doing news-casting since over 10 years. Imlie says she realizes PGD well and can take care of him.

Anu to redirect Imlie’s consideration sets fire into a floor covering. Arpita alarms seeing fire. Narmada calls Aryan. Imlie requests that Narmada not help her and allow her to escape her dread. Aryan surges towards Arpita next. Imlie stops him and pins him down. Aryan drives her away. She holds him tight and says fire isn’t unreasonably high and he should allow Arpita to battle her dread. Aryan says he doesn’t have the opportunity to explore.

She hits him with a container, pins him to divider, and solicitations him to trust her once. She requests that Arpita clear out. Aryan runs towards Arpita once more. Imlie holds him with a stick. Aryan cautions her to stop her gibberish as he won’t pause and will break her stick. She says he can attempt. He breaks stick. She punches him in his back and pins him to ground and says he won’t cross her defined boundary today.

Precap :Imlie battles with Aryan to prevent him from arriving at Arpita.

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