Rishton Ka Manjha 13th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Arjun says to Tina that he do understand what she is feeling right now but she has to understand whatever happened is for everyone’s goodness only. Tina asks Arjun how could he betray her like this when she is waiting for him in the mandap to marry him. Arjun says to Tina that he knows this marriage is nothing but a business deal. He also knows if they gets married to then it will be a compromise and they wont be happy.

He further asks Tina to not to get upset with Diya because it’s not Diya’s mistake infact it’s his decision to marry Diya. Tina gets shocked and looks at Arjun. Arjun then says to Tina that he came here to take Diya to the tournament which she may miss but when he came here he learnt that the person who Diya is going to marry is a goon and her family members are not aware of it. So to save the reputation of Diya and her family members he married to her. He then says to Tina that he didnt love her he agreed to marry her because he promised his mother but when he saw Diya in this condition he decides to do what is best for everyone.

Niharika thinks to herself that because of Arjun only that she is witnessing all this which will happen only in films. In Agarwal’s house Luv and Khush looks tensed. Deepika comes there and tells that Madhuri’s health is detoriating also the guests and media’s are questioning about Arjun and Tina but she told them that they have to wait because the auspicious time for marriage is not yet. Amitabh comes there and tells that he is worried and asks Khush to call Niharika but before he could Niharika calls him and tells him that something really worse happened. Khush asks her to tell him but she keeps saying that so Amitabh takes the mobile from Khush and asks Niharika to tell about Arjun. Niharika tells Amitabh that Arjun got married to Diya to save her from getting married to the goon who once try to harm Arjun. Amitabh gets shocked and drops his mobile then sits on the couch.

Tina asks Arjun how could he do this everyone including the media is waiting to get a news about their marriage and here he betrayed her and married to a middle class girl Diya. She also tells that she never lose anything in her life she gets whatever she wants but here he let her down like this. Arjun asks Tina to understand saying that through Diya he wants to achieve his dreams too but Tina doesn’t listen and says that she knows well that its Diya’s plan to manipulate him and make him marry her. She also talks ill about Diya’s parents. Diya warns Tina to not to talk anything against her parent’s she do understand whatever happened she must be hurt so she is ready to tolerate her insults but she wont let her talk ill about her parents. Tina says to Arjun and everytime just like both his and Diya’s passion for badminton for her he is her obsession and she wants him at any cost. Arjun tells Tina that she herself agreed that he is her obsession so even if they get married it will not be based on love.

Karan instructs his men to keep an eye on each and every moment and never let Arjun enter the stadium. He then goes to Diya’s competitior and asks her is she ready. Riya says says yes and assures Karan that she will win this match for him. Karan smiles and thinks to himself that Riya doesn’t understand he dont care about her winning but Diya to lose and he will make sure that Diya doesn’t enter the stadium then automatically Riya will become the winner. He then scolds his workers for not doing their work as guard each and every part of the stadium properly. Madhuri asks Amitabh is everything okay. Amitabh says to Madhuri her son ruined all of their life. Madhuri asks him to tell her what happened to which Amitabh tells that Arjun married Diya. Everyone gets shocked. Madhuri falls to the ground and recalls Diya promising her to not to bring Arjun closer to the badminton because of that his life was ruined.

Arjun tells Tina that he will talk to her later as they are getting late to the competition. Niharika scolds Arjun bjt but the latter tells her that he do know the consequences also how he has to face his family members but he will handle that and asks her not to worry about it. Tina gets angry and tells that Tina never lose anytime so she is not going to accept that Diya defeated her and tries to wipe Diya’s vermilion. Everyone gets shocked. Diya stops Tina and asks her to stay away saying she knows the value of vermilion. Arjun asks Tina to stop acting like a crazy person and takes Diya with him to go to the tournament. Tina tells Diya’s parents that she wont let Diya have a happy life.

Niharika takes her away from there. Meera cries and asks god why this is all happening and asks Mohan to do something. Diya’s aunt tells that this is what she scared the most now its clearly evident that no one from the Agarwal is going to accept Diya so she has no other choice but to return to her house. Mohan tells that he believes in Arjun who will definitely make everything alright in Diya’s life. Niharika asks Diya to calm down and goes to take water for her. Tina recalls Arjun’s words and gets furious and when Niharika gives her a bottle of water she throws it away and tells that she wont spare Diya for this. Niharika tells Tina now Diya become Arjun’s wife they can’t do anything. Tina calls Karan and informs him that Arjun got married to Diya to win this challenge and they both are on their way to reach the stadium. She asks Karan to do anything but not to let Diya win this match so that she can get happiness. Karan asks Tina to take care of herself and he will handle everything here.

Precap: Arjun and Diya enters the place in their car. Arjun fights with securities. Agarwal’s gets shocked when Tina falls unconscious on Madhuri’s lap. Madhuri gets shocked when she sees Tina cut her wrist and the blood is coming out. Arjun enters the stadium with Diya. Karan gets shocked seeing Arjun and Diya.

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