Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 13th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Samaira getting shocked seeing Kuldeep and Chandrani coming along with Phirki. Meanwhile, latter requests Samaira to take her to Dubai along with herself. Samaira ask her to shut up and tries to send her inside, but Kuldeep stops her. He says that now they will go to jail and states that he have enough proofs to prove them culprit. He states that Samaira have done a mistake by giving her Mumbai house to Phirki.

Here, Samaira smirks and says that Police won’t believe Kuldeep. She reminds him about the complaint she have lodged against him and his family. She says that Inspector will only trust her and she can easily send them to jail. Chandrani looks at her being angry, while she smirks. Kuldeep states that truth always wins, while Samaira says that maybe Kuldeep have forced Phirki to accept that she habe killed Sadashiv.

Shubhra visits the Inspector and notify him about how Samaira and Phirki must have killed her father. She ask him to trust her, while he states that he can’t arrest them without any proofs. Shubhra gets emotional and ask him to help her. He says that they haven’t done postmortem of Sadashiv and can’t point out if it was murder or natural death. He even says that maybe Phirki is mentally ill, to which Shubhra shows her video and states that she is not.

Elsewhere, Kuldeep drags Samaira and Phirki along with himself. Samaira warns him to leave her. At that time Shubhra comes there and says that now Samaira have to pay for her deeds. Inspector comes there and starts interrogating Phirki, while Samaira complains against Kuldeep and Shubhra.

Inspector ask Samaira to lodge a complaint and resume interrogating Phirki. He ask Samaira not to come in between his work. He questions Phirki that why she killed Sadashiv, while she denies all the allegations. He ask why Shubhra and Kuldeep are blaming her and from where she got such expensive watch? To which she cries and says that she don’t know anything. Samaira comes to support Phirki and says that she is innocent. Inspector ask to bring her identity card.

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 12th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Ahead, Phirki gets worried and shows her card to the Inspector. He ask her to come to the police station daily. He also tells Samaira that she can lodge her complaint and goes from there. Chandrani makes Phirki fall down, while latter requests Shubhra to forgive her.

Kuldeep and Shubhra rebukes Phirki for killing Sadashiv. Shubhra gets emotional and shouts at her asking why she killed her father? Samaira smirks and moves from there thinking that she got saved. Meanwhile, Phirki replies that she haven’t killed Sadashiv and ask them to question Samaira, as she is the one who had problem with him. Samaira gets furious and throws a vase on Phirki, making her unconscious. Shubhra and Kuldeep gets shocked and checks Phirki.

Further, Kuldeep ask Shubhra and Chandrani to leave from there as it’s dangerous to be with Samaira. They tries to open the door, but Samaira locks herself inside the house. Later, Shubhra and Chandrani reaches her house. Rishi and Roli gets elated seeing her. Chandrani goes towards Madhura and consoles her. They both hugs and everyone rejoices. Rishi also apologises to Madhura, while she forgives and hugs him.

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