Kumkum Bhagya 13th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Rhea telling Aliya that Pallavi has asked her to go on a honeymoon when they are on the verge of divorcing each other. She says that sue has even decidee to send Prachi and Ranbir with them. Aliya asks her ro go to the honey moon. She tells her to plant a seed of doubt in Prachi’s mind about Ranbir and her. She tells her that just like her she has once loved Purab a lot and to make his wofe leave him, she has planted a doubt in her mind and she herself has left him. Alita asks her ro do the same. She asks her to first convince Siddhart to go on honey moon. Rhea asks her how will she spend time with Ranbir if she goes on a honey moon with Siddharth. Aliya asks her to do something because of which Ranbir will be with her in the bed room. Rhea hugs her. Aliya asks her to leave soon as thet may get into a problem if anyone sees them.

Rhea comes to the house where she hears Prachi telling Dadi that she is not going on a honey moon so that Siddharth and Rhea gets time to interact with each other. Rhea who has heard her thinks that she also doesn’t want her to come with them but she has to agree to come with them to the honey moon.

Rhea calls Shaina and whispera something in her ears to do something. They both go near Daljeet room where Rhea says to Shaina that Prachi and Ranbir don’t have that husband wife relationship and they are just friends. Shaina says that is not true and she has seen them happy with each other. Rhea says they are just pretending. She saya that soo much has happened because of their marriage and that’s why they were not able to come close to each other.

Daljeet goes to Prachi and bringing her near Pallavi she tells her that she is denying to go to the honeymoon for Rhea and Siddharth. Pallavi asks her not to deny and suggests her to go with them. Prachi agrees.

Rhea calls Aliya who suggests her to do something to stop Prachi so that only Ranbir will come woth them to the Manali for business purpose. Rhea asks Shaina to bring a medicine.

Pallavi tells Vikram about sending them on honey moon to which he appreciates her and teases her.

Rhea and Shaina come to Prachi with medicine and they both act like Shaina teasing Rhea. Prachi leaves from there asking Rhea to bring tea. Rhea mixes the medicine in it. Shaina takes the cups with her.

Everyone sits down to have their tea with snacks. Shaina gives the cup to Prachi. Rhea smirks and thinks that now her work is over and she won’t be able to come with them. The Screen Freezes On Rhea.

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