Rishton Ka Manjha 12th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Diya tells Arjun that she knows that he was and will be there for her always like a true friend he is but it doesn’t mean he has to marry her out of sympathy. Do he really think out of sympathy marrying her will solve everything and tells that she dont want to marry him and turns around to leave but Arjun stops Diya from leaving the mandap. He tells Diya that he knows she is capable of handling her own problems in her own way and Arjun will help only those who are in need.

He tells where sympathy is here when he knows that Diya is brave enough to fight her own battle and achieve everything. He wants to be a part of Diya’s life and support and achieve her everything she dreams of. He then tells Diya that he agrees she is brave enough to face the society but has she ever thought about her parents and brother what they will go through and how they are going to face everyone. He then tells that he wanted to be a partner for Diya who gives her the freedom to achieve everything she wants.

Diya’s aunt tells that nothing such happens and tells Arjun that he may marry Diya but what about his parents. His mother already came to the house two times and warned Diya to stay away from him so they wont accept this marriage also everything about both the family from status to their way of thinking are totally different. Diya’s father tells that he believes Arjun who won’t let his mother or anyone in his family hurt Diya or insult her. He then tells that he searched Diya a suitable match but whenever he met a guy till date no one hold the same respect Arjun had for Diya’s dreams. He asks Diya to listen to him and agree to marry Arjun. Meera tells Mohan that her sister in law is right that Arjun family won’t accept this marriage. Arjun promises Meera that he wont let anything happen to Diya also will be there and give her a freedom to achieve whatever she wants.

Diya tells Arjun that Tina is waiting for him in the mandap as a girl she can’t snatch other girl’s happiness so she don’t want to marry him. She also tells him that Tina loves him the most so asks him not to break her heart. Arjun recalls Tina and Amitabh’s conversation. The FB shows that Tina saying Amitabh for him this marriage is a business deal to get Arjun in her life this business deal is nothing for her. She also promises Amitabh that he will get anything he wants after he approves her for Arjun. Arjun smiles and says to Diya and everyone that in rich house from things to relationship everything is a business deal and his marriage with Tina is a business deal too also Tina doesn’t love him. He further says Tina wont be happy marrying him so it’s best for Tina to marry a guy who loves her and supports her. He then asks Diya will she ready to accept him as her life partner and let him be there for her in her life and asks Diya to tell her answer because they don’t have much time to reach the competition venue. Tina and Niharika reaches the venue where Diya’s marriage is meant to happen. Diya thinks that she want nothing but Arjun to be happy in his life always but don’t know why she is scared to take this decision about her marriage.

Mohan says that Arjun is suitable for Diya because he is worried about her dreams and ambitions more than anyone here. He then joins Arjun and Diya’s hand. They both recalls the moment they shared together and gets emotional. Family members of Diya gets happy. Mohan asks the priest to start the marriage rituals but Arjun stops and tells that they don’t have that much time so they will take pheras and leave for the competition. Mohan agrees with him. Arjun and Diya takes pheras. Once they finishes the pheras priest asks Arjun to fill Diya’s hairline with vermilion. Arjun does what the priest asked him to do. The he leaves the mandap. Everyone gets shocked. Diya’s aunt says that Arjun is leaving the mandap after getting married to Diya. Meera asks Mohan to stop Arjun from leaving the mandap.

Arjun comes back with a badminton bat in his hand. Everyone gets relieved seeing Arjun. Arjun gives the bat to Diya and tells her as a husband he will be there as a support to let her achieve all her life’s goals. Everyone gets happy and smiles at Arjun and Diya. Tina reaches the place with Nikarika and they both gets shocked seeing Arjun and Diya got married. Tina calls Arjun. Arjun gets shocked seeing Tina there. Tina goes to the mandap and asks Arjun how could he leave her in the venue and come here and marry Diya. Arjun asks Tina to calm down saying that they can talk this privately but Tina holds Arjun’s shirt and asks him how could he do this to her. Arjun gets angry and removes Tina’s hand from his shirt and asks her to stop it. Diya cries. Tina looks at Arjun.

Precap: Tina asks Arjun do he really think that Diya can defeat her and says that Tina never faces failure and goes to wipe the vermilion from Diya’s hairline but Diya stops her from doing it. Everyone gets shocked. Niharika informs Amitabh that Arjun married Diya. Amitabh gets shocked and when Madhuri asks him what happened to which Amitabh tells that Arjun married Diya. Madhuri gets shocked and falls on the floor.

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