Balika Vadhu 2 12th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Ratan saying she feels Anandi is around and looks towards the gate. Anandi comes and gets very happy seeing Ratan and runs towards her. Both Ratan and Khimji hugs her. Maadi Baa also gets delighted to see Anandi back. Sejal thinks Premji brought her back on time. Anandi cries and tells Ratan she is upset with her and she left her all alone and she missed them a lot. Premji also comes back with Lakhan Kumar. Anandi cries and says she wanted to go back home but neither Sejal nor Premji took her.

Anandi tells them how she left house and got caught by tribal people who dance. Then she says how she tricked them and Jigar saved her later. Khimji holds Premji by collar angrily. Khimji asks him if he had lied when he asked about sending back Anandi or he didn’t want to send her back. Premji feels very guilty and keeps asking for forgiveness. Khimji shouts at him and tells they should leave asap.

Maadi Baa asks Khimji to leave Premji’s collar as he isn’t only his friend but also in law. Premji folds his hands and begs for forgiveness. Khimji doesn’t give up and tells to take Anandi back home. Khimji tells Premji that how could all this happen in his presence. Even Sejal feels guilty about the situation. Then Anandi tries to pacify Khimji and tells him that friendship is a relationship we choose ourselves, so he should not get angry from his friend. Premji tells him to forgive him. Khimji tells he will forgive but take Anandi back home.

Moti Baa says Khimji he had brought Anandi to save her life so if they go like this it will hurt a lot. She requests to let Anandi get ready in New dress and then leave. Ratan says she will take Anandi to change dress. However Sejal tells her to let her do it as she doesn’t know when she will get this chance again in future. Sejal takes Anandi with her. Premji asks Khimji if he won’t drink a cup of tea with his friend. Khimji says just sometime back someone made him realise its his daughter’s in laws house. Devraj requests Khimji to sit with them and not to make them feel more guilty.

Sejal readies Anandi and asks her if she can promise something. Anandi says if promise isnt fulfilled she may get punished so first she should say her what’s it about then only she will promise. Sejal tells her that good daughter in law never tells what happened in her in laws house to her parents and vice versa, Maadi Baa overhears their conversation. Anandi agrees to Sejal’s advice. Maadi Baa comes and talks nicely to Anandi and feels guilty about past incidents. Episode ends with Anandi hugging Maadi Baa tightly.

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