Bigg Boss 15 12th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Day 11: 8 AM; inmates wake up on the beat of ‘The Big Picture’ theme song. Vishal thank BB for playing Ranveer Singh song.

Tejasswi talk with Vidhi and Jay. She says she tired of wearing someone else clothes.

8:15AM: Vishal on the camera wish Happy Birthday to ‘Amitabh Bachchan’. He thanks Big B for inspiring actors around the globe.

9 AM; Big G enters the house with the scroll. Simba read the letter. Shamita asks Pratik what Big G told last day. Pratik says letter was about nomination.

9:30AM; Tejasswi and Jay talk with each other about kitchen duty. Donal says to Karan and Vishal. She says she is not understating whom she should talk about chopping and kitchen duty. Vidhi says to Donal that she doesn’t know to cook non-veg thus asking her to help Tejasswi. Donal shows her displeasure.

9:45AMl Karan and Jay tries to make Donal understand that she should get up for the cooking little early.

10:30 AM: Karan talk with Afsana. He asks her to promise not to comment on anyone’s career and family. Afsana promise Karan and asks if he will take a stand for her as well.

Later, Shamita read the ‘Dhaku Ka Kabza’ task. As per the task Jungalwasi has to protect themselves from Shamita, Nishant and Pratik. Jungalwassi’s are asked to complete the pathway to the house. The task will have 5 rounds.

3 PM; Shamita, Pratik and Nishant make the task strategy.

Task start; BB asks Shamita, Pratik and Nishant to report to the confession room. BB asks they have to reveal the name of the person whom they are going to target and then they have to execute their plan upon the same person. In the meantime, Karan take away the camera. Nishant, Pratik and Shamita look for the camera. Nishant asks Shamita not to worry as they have other ways too.

Karan figure out that Nishant, Shamita and Pratik are co-ordinating each other thus, he need more person to keep them separated. Karan, Meisha and Jay try to separate Shamita, Partik and Nishant. Karan and Jay block Nishant.

Afterwards, Karan asks Jay not to let three of them talk with each other. Shamita gets angry on Jay and Karan not to get physical as she can’t stand that. Pratik tries to get Nishant out from Jay’s clutch. Karan and Jay continues to block Nishant. Shamita refuse to perform the task and claim Jay and Karan is getting physical. Meisha get out and Afsana take over.

Nishant get injured and report to BB. In the meantime, Pratik submit Simba’s trimmer and win the first level. Afterwards, Jungalwasi tries to block Pratik, Nishant and Shamita’s way. BB asks contenders not to get physical. Pratik announce in the second round, they are going to out Akasa by painting her slipper. Shamita fetch the Akasa’s slipper and complete the task. Vidhi fetch the slipper. BB announce to halt the task.

4:45PM; Shamita gets injured and says she can’t play. Pratik gets angry and call jungalwasi fool. Jay and Pratik argues with each other. Pratik abuse Jay. Verbal argument happen between Jay and Pratik. BB asks mates to gather together. Shamita calm Pratik. Pratik cries post Jay abuse her mother. Shamita and Nishant argue with Jay for abusing Jay. Jay fights with Pratik. Pratik says if anyone will abuse his mother he will walk out from the show.

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