Mere Sai 13th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Baizama asks Sai to save Maan Singh and other. Jhipri asks her what she is saying. She asks Sai if He knows Maan Singh. Sai asks everyone to come with Him. They start following Sai without a word.

Police continues to chase Maan Singh around Shirdi. They manage to hit Ali and Bheema. They fall down. Udhav tells Maan Singh to continue running and runs with him. Officers shoot another bullet at them. Maan Singh thinks I have started trusting you like God now. I am leaving my brothers with you. Please protect them. He turns around once but then resumes running.

He hears Major Billy telling him to stop or he will shoot Ali, Bheema and Udhav. They tell Maan Singh to run. Don’t worry about us. Major Billy tells Maan Singh to remember his mistakes. Maan Singh reasons that he dint make any mistakes. I am proud of what I did. I will do it again if I get another chance. My revenge is pending! Major Billy says I will make sure you won get a chance in this birth. He aims his gun at Maan Singh. Sai steps between them just then. Sarkar and police notice villagers coming there and are taken aback.

Major Billy asks Sai to step aside. Sarkar tells him to shoot Sai instead. He is a supporter of Maan Singh. Major Billy recalls Nanasaheb’s words about Sai and warns Him again. Sai says country brings people and society together. We should feel dutiful and proud of our country. One such emotion is Maan Singh.

Fight for freedom is no different than the fight by Ram ji and Ravan. We might not become Ravan Sena in this fight but we can become squirrels atleast. We can do this much. All villagers stand around Sai. Sarkar, his men and police is shocked. Major Billy threatens them of dire consequences. Keshav says we aren’t afraid of consequences. Sarkar asks him if he has lost his mind. Come here. Keshav refuses to budge. It is my first chance to do something for the country. I wont back down now. Everyone echoes his though.

Mere Sai 12th-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Major Billy says you all will die then. Villagers aren’t bothered by it. Mhalsapati ji says we are very simple people. We couldn’t do anything for anyone till date but Tam ji has given us a chance to help our country today. We wont lose this chance! Everyone seconds him. Major Billy says I will count to 3. I will make another Maangarh here if you wont move. He starts counting. Sarkar worries for Keshav. They shoot at ground and warn villagers that they will be shot next. Sarkar asks him if it is needed.

We can use sticks or push them. Major Billy starts counting again. Everyone takes aim. Sai steps forward. You wont gain anything by doing this. You killed people in Maangarh to scare them. See how another Maangarh has been born in Shirdi today. Ten more villages will oppose you tomorrow if you kill us today. Who all will you shoot? Who will you rule on if this causes a revolution? The one who has lost his everything is the most dangerous of all! Remember that you cannot thrive if you abuse someone! Junior officer finds logic in Sai’s words and tells Major Billy they must avoid this right now.

We will be in trouble if we kill them. Let’s think before taking any action. Sai tells Major Billy to stop being arrogant and save himself and others. Major Billy tells his men to lower their guns. Sarkar heaves a sigh of relief. Villagers look relieved too as officers leave. Major Billy and Maan Singh glare at each other as Major Billy walks past him.

Ali, Bheema and Udhav run and hug Maan Singh. Maan Singh touches Sai’s feet. I will never forget you and your valuable teachings. Sai blesses him. Everyone says Sai Baba ki Jai.

Next morning, Bheema, Ali and Udhav come to meet Sai. Sai praises their contribution towards freedom of their country. Baizama seconds Him. Entire Shirdi is proud of them. Sai says I am proud of Shirdi. They stood there bravely. Baizama tells the boys they have celebrated Dusshera truly and feeds them sweets. Sai says we must felicitate them in front of the entire village. Udhav says we dint do a lot. Sai reasons that they have saved the pride and future of their country by helping Maan Singh. Sarkar says who will save them from me though.

Precap :

A man asks his wife (Sakku) to get down. She starts picking up the bags when she screams about a snake. She jumps from the cart and collides with Sai.

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