Mere Sai 12th-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Keshav is getting ready for the skit as Hanuman. Prahalad asks his father to hurry up. How much more time will it take? Keshav tells him to go ahead. I have to anyways meet Sai first. Prahalad nods and leaves.

Sarkar taunts Keshav on him being dressed up as Hanuman. Keshav replies that he is following Sai’s order. Sarkar says I wanted to make you an Abhivyakta and you ended up as a theatre artist. Keshav calls himself a better man. It is all because of Sai that I am able to help people in a different style.

Baizama asks Sai if there is no other way. You have done many miracles. You can help him this time too. Sai says nothing is in my hands this time. Everyone must receive what Ram ji has decided for them. Patil ji tells Ali, Bheema and Udhav to think again. It is very risky. Udhav agrees that it is risky but there is no other way to escape.

We have thought it through. Baizama reasons that everyone will be there during Ravan Dahan. Anyone can see Maan Singh there. How is it the right way then? Sai advises them to leave everything in Ram ji’s hands when there is no other way. You can win any battle if you trust Ram ji. Patil ji reasons that Maan Singh can be easily caught. Baiza is right to worry about Maan Singh. Keshav greets them just then. Everyone looks at him from top to toe.

All villagers come in one by one. Major Billy tells his junior that Ali, Bheema and Udhav have been friends with Maan Singh. Sarkar comes there with his men too. Everyone moves aside and bow to him. Sarkar mistakes it to be a gesture of respect. He looks at Sai and fumes. Everyone bows down to me. He too will do it once Maan Singh is caught! Hari Om! Sai turns around. Sarkar asks Fakir if His new devotee isn’t with Him today.

Where is he? Sai says who am I to bring someone. Everyone reaches where Maalik wants to take them. Sarkar agrees. You too will be where you should be once Maan Singh is caught – jail! Where have you hidden him? Sai says Britishers want to expand their hold in our country but what are you getting out of it. Will you join hands with those who cannot respect your faith? You were shaken when they threatened to get inside your temple?

Why don’t you try to understand the pain of those whose temples they had disrespected? They had hurt their sentiments and faith. God is same in every house. It means Gods got disrespected. You pray to those Gods too. How can you still support Britishers even after so much has happened? How can you think they wont go against you for helping them now? You served them your entire life yet they threatened you.

They dint promise that they wont enter in your temple! You very well know how true they are to their word. Sarkar refuses to fall in Sai’s words. I know my son very well. He is the one who tells you everything. You know that those who stand against the stronger ones are often doomed. I am not a fool who will decide to go against Britishers. Sai looks at the effigy. No one was as stronger as Ravan. You know his fate, right? Sarkar smiles. Britishers are not Ravan and Maan Singh is not Ram either. He wont be able to step out of Shirdi!

All those dressed for
Major Billy murmurs to Sarkar that Indians are strange. We are scientifically so advanced yet you pray to a monkey. Sarkar points out that your scientists study our religions / scriptures too. Scientifically speaking, everyone’s ancestors were monkeys only. Sarkar, Santa and Banta smile.

Sarkar is angry that they keep showing them down since they are here. Santa says we have taken care of him if he wasn’t a British. Sarkar says I have ordered fireworks from Bombay to show him how lavishly we celebrate festivals here. He will be astounded and I will be respected more in Shirdi. He notices Keshav there and is irked. I am doing all this and he is busy with these antics. I don’t even want to look at him!

It is actually Maan Singh who is standing there dressed as Hanuman. Maan Singh prays to God to help him win this battle too. Sai blesses him. Flashback shows Keshav asking Sai why He asked him to dress up like Hanuman today. Sai tells him that Maan Singh will replace him in the ceremony. Maan Singh comes there just then. He is dressed as Hanuman. Flashback ends. Sai prays to Ram ji to help the patriots in freeing India.

Prahalad shoots an arrow to light the Ravan. They all chant Siyavar Ram Chandra ki Jai in unison. Fireworks are lit. Everyone is immediately distracted. Udhav tells Maan Singh they must leave now. Sarkar notices all 4 of them heading in a different direction and is sure something is fishy. He shouts at Major Billy that Maan Singh is trying to elope. He is dressed as Hanuman! All eyes turn in that direction. Udhav, Ali and Bheema prod Maan Singh to run. Officers chase them. Baizama asks Sai to do something. Save those kids. Jhipri asks Baizama what she is saying. She next asks Sai if He knows Maan Singh.

Precap :

Sai stands between Major Billy and Maan Singh. Sarkar tells him to shoot and kill Fakir. All villagers surround Sai just then. Sarkar gets tensed.

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