Radha Mohan 30th November 2022 Written Update:

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Episode starts with Tulsi’s soul holds Radha’s hand saying that she is with her. Radha feels like somebody held her hand and she tells about it to Damini. Damini imagines that she can’t allow this to occur. She chides Radha to redirect her psyche.

Tulsi’s soul comprehends that what Damini is attempting to do. Radha lets Damini know that she never figured Damini can stoop this low. She says that she will tell Damini’s reality to Mohan without a doubt and leaves from that point. She chooses to come clean to Kadambari first. She sees Kadambari going out. Damini requests that Kaveri use Gungun to redirect Tulsi’s soul consideration.

Kaveri moves towards Gungun’s room. Tulsi’s soul follows her. Radha is going to call Kadambari yet Damini shuts Radha’s mouth and hauls her from that point. Damini apologizes to Radha. She tells her that she will become great mother to Gungun. She argues her to not tell anything to Mohan. Radha tells her that she will have a hard time believing her acting. Damini compromises her to not come clean to Mohan. Radha leaves from that point.

Kaveri goes into Gungun’s room. She is going to hold the dozing Gungun. Tulsi’s soul pushes Kaveri out of the room. Damini requests that Kaveri stop Radha. In any case, Radha turns Kaveri’s hand. Damini moves towards Radha yet Tulsi’s soul makes Damini tumble down. Radha admonishes Kaveri for not showing the correct way to Damini. She cautions her to not express a word and leaves from that point.

Damini is going to go after Radha with blossom wash yet Tulsi’s soul holds Damini’s hand. Tulsi’s soul secures Damini in the room and goes after her. Damini lets Tulsi’s soul know that she is doing this in light of the fact that Radha is attempting to isolate her from Mohan. She argues her to not assault. Tulsi’s soul says that she need to kill Damini for attempting to kill Gungun and different understudies. She feels that passing is little discipline for Damini so she believe Damini should get uncovered before Mohan.

Kaveri requests that Tulsi’s soul open the entryway. Rahul comes there and asks Kaveri that what occurred. Kaveri misleads him that Damini secured herself in the room on the grounds that Radha tested to stop Damini and Mohan’s marriage. She requests that he stop Radha. Rahul tells her that Mohan will toss him out of the house in the event that Mohan got to realize that he slapped Radha, and leaves from that point to stop Radha. Tulsi’s soul tells Damini that Mohan will choose the last’s discipline.

Rahul hauls Radha from that point before she goes into Mohan’s room. He cautions Radha to not destroy anything. Radha lets him know that she will uncover him too while uncovering Damini. She says that nobody can stop her. She advises him that how she managed him.

Rahul goes to Kaveri and breaks the entryway. He asks Damini that what has been going on with her. Damini lets him know that they need to stop Radha. Tulsi’s soul believes that Radha would have come clean to Mohan. In the mean time, Radha tells Mohan that Damini is behind every one of some unacceptable things which occurred with them. She lets him know that he can’t wed some unacceptable individual. She requests that he say something.

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